In store for 2018

Hello everybody,

there is a lot we want to do in 2018. There will be a re-launch of the website and podcast before the end of Q1.

Of course, we have some interesting interviews lined up for you as well! We will also participate in a few more live events and bring you more videos and live streams as well.

We will launch Startups.Observer with our friends from Emporion. On this soon to be launched platform, we are will be matching startups and investors. This is a logical extension of our business-focused approach. We have at least seven confirmed startups, who have been contacted by investors as a result of our interviews. In the case of our interview with Get Penta, they had even eight business angels reaching out to them as a result. This happened already, even though we did not intentionally cater investors with the interview. So it kept me personally thinking. Add all the startups that reach out to us for an interview, which we are unable to offer a slot. This leads you to a demand for matching these startups with investors. We are going to do this on a platform, which will be a screening tool for both sides.
It will enable investors to discover new startups on their preferences (not relying on homepages or personal networks alone), instantly getting alerts when a matching startups signs on. Investors will also get all the data for a first look in the same format. If the contact does not work out, the investor and startup can stay in touch via a watch list.
For the startups it will enable them to screen investors, manage the data access of each investor and discover new potential investors, for which they fit the investment criteria. It will enable startups to provide potential investors with data they only have to upload, format and comment once. If the first approach does not work out, one can keep giving updates to the investors via the watch list.

We already signed the contracts for, as a data source for VC investments in the greater Frankfurt area. The website is already online, but only as a dummy. Good business news are always based on well interpreted high-quality data. Since we are the international channel of the Frankfurt and Rhine-Main startup scene, we will collect not published data together with our friends from and Gründerstammtisch/Founders Table (the grassroots meetup for (new) entrepreneurs). We will than aggregate the data and publish it on a regular (maybe quarterly) basis on the website. It will also allow us to deliver you even more insights into the Frankfurt and Rhein-Main based startups scene.

Of course, we are already working on many more ideas. We will keep you updated!

Joern, for the team


What others write about us (Press)

2018 January: Analytics company ranks as one of the top 0.1% social media influencers on startups globally: 

2017 December: placed one day in the UK Top 100 iTunes podcast download charts
2017 July: is one of the Top 10 Tech Podcasts Germany
2017 May: starts it’s YouTube channel
2017 April: Geektime writes about our exclusive story with Deutsche Bank
2017 April: placed 3 days in the German Top 100 iTunes podcast download charts

2016 October: is the only startup podcast from Germany considers “worth listening to”

2015 February: is a compulsive listening source for entrepreneurs and investors (German)


(Video) You get everything delivered, why not fuel directly to your car? Paris-based startup POMP does exactly that

Sponsoring for this video interview comes from Startups.Observer the matching platform for startups, corporates and investors:

We have been to IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show). During the IAA we did some interview, we just got to do some interview we only now can publish. Please forgive us the background noise, but that is what it is like at a large fair and at the New Mobility World especially. Every corner of the huge place was buzzing with life.

In this interview, we talk to Hugo Domic, the founder of the Paris-based startup POMP ( POMP offers you a “mobile fuel station”, so they come in with their trucks and fill your car up, where it is parked. Their main clients are rather companies with many cars in one parking lot.

Learn more about POMP at



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Kim Körber (HR Tech)

Pedro Ferreira (Partnership Manager)


Startup News Germany Wrap-up – December

Chris and Joe talk about the news for December 2017, focusing on the German startup scene.

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House Keeping

We did a year in the review, the year ahead special, check it out! made it in the UK podcast download charts: Oh, what a surprise, we made it in the UK podcast download charts! Awesome! You guys rock!

Paypal plans to enter retail banking in Germany and UK, together with the Berlin based fintech Raisin reports manager magazin  Meet their partner Raisin here in the exclusive interview from


How Bitcoin Lost Its Way As A Means Of Exchange – Crunchbase News

Competition in the Age of Amazon

Taking On Amazon in Retail: Smart Curation, In-Store #Robots, And Wowing Shoppers

Amazon wants to open brick and mortar stores in #Germany. Kleber, Germany CEO said “it is not a question if, but when” reports manager magazin

Gruenderszene writes Rocket Internet is shiftingitss #strategy. The former startup factory turns itself into a more traditional Private Equity company, investing in established companies




Frankfurt listed fintech Naga completes it’s ICO, raising more than 50 mn US$ reports This is also good for the share price, IPO in Juli 2017 for 2,60 €, now trading at 13 Euros

Frankfurt based energy startup Node Energy raises six digits Venture Capital writes WiWo Gründer. Node.Energy’s software helps to manage micro grids

Frankfurt PropTech Accelerator blackprint Booster takes in #Berlin based proptech Simplifa, which is focusing on elevators

Rocket Internet boss Oliver Samwer wants to enter the business with loans to startups, up to 30 mn per ticket. Therefore they have set up a #London based subsidiary “Global Growth Capital”, without references on their website



Hamburg based gaming startup Goodgame Studios is bought for a whooping 270 mn Euros in shares by swedish Stillfront reports

trivago Düsseldorf-based travel search engine is under pressure. It IPOed in December 2016 at NASDAQ for 11 US$ and is now trading at 7 US$. Now Handelsblatt  writes US investors considering a law suit reports Gruenderszene

Related: The UK’s competition watchdog is investigating whether comparison sites like #Trivago and actually give people the best deals

Startup trains refugees in Gießen to become developers

Online bank Revolut attacks Berlin-based hype fintech N26 with bitcoin trading and premium services writes Gruenderszene

India: Frankfurt-listed Delivery Hero swaps its shares of foodpanda for shares in the local heavy weight OLA reports  

This Secretive German Firm Is Consolidating The US Coffee Industry “JAB serves as the investment vehicle for the Reimann family, the descendants of businessman Johan A. Benckiser who founded industrial chemicals company Benckiser in the 1820s.”

Venture Capitalist Sven Schmidt invested in Maschinensucher, a German competitor of  TradeMachines and Machinio writes NGIN Mobility. Schmidt will help with the scaling of the (since day one) profitable platform 

Exit and back – Berlin-based healthcare startup Vimeda offers blood tests for health screenings. Company was sold 2016 for “eight digits” to US-based Neoteryx, but barely one year later, the founder buys the company back. New company to be named Lykon

Instant Software, a supplier of business management and online solutions for vacation rental companies, raised 20 mn Euros in Venture Capital, from Accel and Target Partners

They position themselves as a competitor for WeWork and Factory. Have a look how Rent24 looks from the inside in Berlin

Berlin-based crowdinvesting pioneer Companisto still not profitable and tripled losses in 2016 reports, after digging through published balance sheets


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A look back at 2017

As some of you may already know is about re-start in 2018. Originally inspired by my project, was first intended in 2014 to be the podcast channel for our English content. This soon changed after I realized how much more demand there is out there for a more in-depth coverage of the German and European startup scene in English. A few times since 2014 we managed to synchronize interviews, but the two channels have been drifting away constantly. Especially where showed a downward trend in terms of listeners and hits, was growing strong with more than 300% each year since inception. Towards the end of 2017 my partner from contacted me and let me know, he wanted to shut down the German podcast, which we started as a partnership back in 2013. Reluctantly I agreed and we decided to shut down This is sad, but I decided to keep this podcast since I enjoy the work here A LOT. Part of the agreement is that I can use the current graphics and audios until end of Q1. We will take this opportunity to give all of a facelift in Q1 this year.

As you may have noticed, we started in summer 2017 a YouTube channel. This is working out great, having more than 500.000 views in less than half a year. This is also funny because I first intended it only to be a platform to host videos in order to enable blogs and publications to include our content this way. Looking at it now, it appears we have something good in its own right and reach new audiences. I will keep producing videos and post them on YouTube. Several other publications (including, but not limited to Geek Time,,, and Gruendermetropole) have included them in the past and will likely keep doing so. I will also work on extending this network of partners. I set up an account with SoundCloud for the same reason and if you are reading this and are interested in including some of our media: reach out to me

The goal for the future is clear; we want to become the most important English speaking business/startup podcast in Germany, becoming a business medium and a premier source of information for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. We are now far away from this goal, but we are surely on our way, for example, we had more than 2 million hits in 2017 alone and won a spot in the iTunes podcast download charts for 2017 in Germany, as well as the UK. Naturally, we have and will keep having a special spot in our heart for the startups here in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main, as well as the Rhine-Neckar region.

It may not surprise you, but we have a very international audience here. For example are our listeners on the podcast include in the top 25 countries of course Germany, but also the USA (almost 50% – with hotspots in New York and Silicon Valley), China, UK, Brazil France, India, Japan, Mexico, Korea, the Philippines or Malaysia. I hope to keep this up and grow the international audience. The viewers on YouTube are also very international, but we have there the US, Brazil, UK as well as Chile as top destinations, way before our lovely Germany.


I will keep you updated and hope to get much input on the usual channels from all of you.


Joern, Founder and Host

News – 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

Chris and Joe talk about the reviews of the startup year 2017 they have found and the forecasts for 2018 they find noteworthy. The recoding was done on January 6th 2018

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Support for this podcast and the following message comes from Slack. Millions of people in hundreds of thousands of companies rely on Slack to get their work done. For them, Slack is where all the people and tools they need to work are gathered. Where ideas form, evolve and reach fruition. Where plans are proposed, documents exchanged, expenses approved, travel booked and deals signed off. Where decisions are made and consensus is reached. Where the humdrum becomes the easily done. Slack: where work happens. Find out why at supports this program. is like online dating for startups and investors. Learn more here:

Frankfurt-based savedroid prepares their own ICO and offers microsavings in cryptocurrency (Video)


In this interview, we talk to Dr. Yassin Hankir, a former McKinsey consultant, and serial fintech entrepreneur. He is co-host of the Fintech Meetup Frankfurt / Rhein-Main and he has been one of the founders of one of Germany’s first robo advisor vaamo.

We talk to him as CEO and Founder of savedroid, the micro-savings app, which will now enable savings in cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Therefore, they ICO with their savedroid token to pay the fees for saving in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

In the front of our video recording, you see the delicious Frankfurt-based cold brew coffee lemonade Caffezza:

Learn more about our sponsor at

Disclaimer: This interview is intended to be, and should be, used for informational purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy cryptocurrencies, nor to invest in any specific ICO.

Joern has been an Alpha Tester of the app from the beginning.

2017 Fintech Review Germany and 2018 Outlook

The fintech review Germany is one of the traditions of Startupradio. We started it in German back in 2014, when fintech first appeared. Since will be shut down the end of 2017, we moved our tradition to the English channel. If you are able to speak German, you will find the old shows here:

Our guests: 

Luka – CrunchBase – LinkedIn

Paolo – CrunchBase – LinkedIn



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