A look back at 2017

As some of you may already know Startuprad.io is about re-start in 2018. Originally inspired by my project Startupradio.de, Startuprad.io was first intended in 2014 to be the podcast channel for our English content. This soon changed after I realized how much more demand there is out there for a more in-depth coverage of the German and European startup scene in English. A few times since 2014 we managed to synchronize interviews, but the two channels have been drifting away constantly. Especially where Startupradio.de showed a downward trend in terms of listeners and hits, Startuprad.io was growing strong with more than 300% each year since inception. Towards the end of 2017 my partner from Startupradio.de contacted me and let me know, he wanted to shut down the German podcast, which we started as a partnership back in 2013. Reluctantly I agreed and we decided to shut down Startupradio.de. This is sad, but I decided to keep this podcast since I enjoy the work here A LOT. Part of the agreement is that I can use the current graphics and audios until end of Q1. We will take this opportunity to give all of Startuprad.io a facelift in Q1 this year.

As you may have noticed, we started in summer 2017 a YouTube channel. This is working out great, having more than 500.000 views in less than half a year. This is also funny because I first intended it only to be a platform to host videos in order to enable blogs and publications to include our content this way. Looking at it now, it appears we have something good in its own right and reach new audiences. I will keep producing videos and post them on YouTube. Several other publications (including, but not limited to Geek Time, RheinMainStartups.com, HalloFrankfurt.de, and Gruendermetropole) have included them in the past and will likely keep doing so. I will also work on extending this network of partners. I set up an account with SoundCloud for the same reason and if you are reading this and are interested in including some of our media: reach out to me joe@startuprad.io.

The goal for the future is clear; we want to become the most important English speaking business/startup podcast in Germany, becoming a business medium and a premier source of information for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. We are now far away from this goal, but we are surely on our way, for example, we had more than 2 million hits in 2017 alone and won a spot in the iTunes podcast download charts for 2017 in Germany, as well as the UK. Naturally, we have and will keep having a special spot in our heart for the startups here in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main, as well as the Rhine-Neckar region.

It may not surprise you, but we have a very international audience here. For example are our listeners on the podcast include in the top 25 countries of course Germany, but also the USA (almost 50% – with hotspots in New York and Silicon Valley), China, UK, Brazil France, India, Japan, Mexico, Korea, the Philippines or Malaysia. I hope to keep this up and grow the international audience. The viewers on YouTube are also very international, but we have there the US, Brazil, UK as well as Chile as top destinations, way before our lovely Germany.


I will keep you updated and hope to get much input on the usual channels from all of you.


Joern, Founder and Host Startuprad.io