Accelerator Frankfurt – Interview with co-founder and fintech influencer Maria

The independent accelerator program “Accelerator Frankfurt” is already a fixture in the Frankfurt startup scene. After the last demo day, their next batch is just around the corner. For this reason, we talk to Maria Pennanen, co-founder of the independent Accelerator Frankfurt. Maria is an experienced Business Angel in Germany and Finland, as well as a fintech influencer in the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).  She is originally from Finland and has garnered quite a lot of experience in helping startups in Asia and Europe. We talk to her about how she ended up in Frankfurt, how startups can enter Accelerator Frankfurt and how this helps them to enter Europe.

This video was sponsored by Accelerator Frankfurt. You can now apply to their program. The next batch will start March 12th, 2018 and you can apply on their website or directly here:

Twitter: @PennanenMaria

Follow-Up Frankfurt based sports startup Wearable Life Sciences

In this interview, we follow up the world premiere of the antelope suite. The company behind it is called Wearable Life Sciences, which we had in May 2015 in our podcast.

Antilope Suite in Action © Wearable Life Sciences

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(Video) You get everything delivered, why not fuel directly to your car? Paris-based startup POMP does exactly that

Sponsoring for this video interview comes from Startups.Observer the matching platform for startups, corporates and investors:

We have been to IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show). During the IAA we did some interview, we just can publish. Please forgive us the background noise, but that is what it is like at a large fair and at the New Mobility World especially. Every corner of the huge place was buzzing with life.

In this interview, we talk to Hugo Domic, the founder of the Paris-based startup POMP ( POMP offers you a “mobile fuel station”, so they come in with their trucks and fill your car up, where it is parked. Their main clients are rather companies with many cars in one parking lot.

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Frankfurt-based savedroid prepares their own ICO and offers microsavings in cryptocurrency (Video)


In this interview, we talk to Dr. Yassin Hankir, a former McKinsey consultant, and serial fintech entrepreneur. He is co-host of the Fintech Meetup Frankfurt / Rhein-Main and he has been one of the founders of one of Germany’s first robo advisor vaamo.

We talk to him as CEO and Founder of savedroid, the micro-savings app, which will now enable savings in cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Therefore, they ICO with their savedroid token to pay the fees for saving in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

In the front of our video recording, you see the delicious Frankfurt-based cold brew coffee lemonade Caffezza:

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Disclaimer: This interview is intended to be, and should be, used for informational purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy cryptocurrencies, nor to invest in any specific ICO.

Joern has been an Alpha Tester of the app from the beginning.

2017 Fintech Review Germany and 2018 Outlook

The fintech review Germany is one of the traditions of Startupradio. We started it in German back in 2014, when fintech first appeared. Since will be shut down the end of 2017, we moved our tradition to the English channel. If you are able to speak German, you will find the old shows here:

Our guests: 

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Interview with Patrick de Zeeuw – Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

In this interview, we talk with Patrick de Zeeuw, CEO, and Co-Founder of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. Tune in to learn more what Startupbootcamp does and learn more about the differences between startups and corporates.


Tune in to learn more.


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Raisin – How the financial crises inspired this former partner in a large consultancy to jump ship and found a startup

In this interview we talk to Dr. Tamaz Giorgadze, who came to Germany from his native Georgia, eventually becoming a partner at the German office of McKinsey & Company. During the financial crisis, he saw a demand for retail deposits by banks and decided to jump ship to set up his own company. The company is operating as in Germany and internationally. Joern talks to Tamaz and you get a quick overview of what banks actually do, where they get their money from and how retail investors in Europe profit from this.

We are talking during the interview about those topics:
Wholesale funding
Bank’s transformation function 

Regulatory measures of bank’s liquidity
Liquidity coverage ratio  
Net Stable Funding Ratio 

KYC – Know your customer 
AML – Anti Money Laundry
TÜV – A German association of mostly technical auditors

Payment topics we touch
And a correspondent bank system (all money transfer used to be done this way)

Deposit insurance schemes (how saver’s money is insured)
Harmonized scheme in Europe

Exclusive – First English Interview From The Newly Founded All Digital Health Insurer ottonova

For the first time in 17 years, a new health insurance company was founded in Germany, called ottonova. It just received their permission to operate from the German financial oversight BAFin. Due to this special occasion, we wanted to bring you a world premiere, their first English interview. We, therefore, talk to Yvonne Gründler, Chief Product Officer. ottonova aims to be an all digital insurance company,  who wants to partner with their insurance buyers.


Learn more in the interview about the differences to get a full insurance company off the ground and why they need forecasts of up to 120 years.


#FrankfurtFintech – Interview with Yassin, founder of AI savings app savedroid

In this interview, we talk with a constant of the Frankfurt fintech scene, Dr. Yassin Hankir (LinkedIn). Yassin is already known in Frankfurt from his last startup, as one of the co-founders of one of Germany’s first Robo-advisors, called vaamo. Currently, he is one of the hosts of  „Fintech Meetup in and around Frankfurt“ and he is in our interview since he is the founder of the micro savings fintech savedroid (here you can find the IOS App, Android App, and the CrunchBase profile).

Our listeners from the German channel know him because he is a regular guest in our annual fintech reviews (all in German 2014, 2015 and 2016). Savedroid is currently headquartered in the Fintech Hub of Deutschen Börse in Frankfurt.

During the interview, we talk about his current fintech savedroid, which aims to raise a Series-A VC round towards the end of the year. In the conversation we touch: