Berlin Startup Jobs Fair 2017 – One of Germany’s hottest startup jobs fair

Ashok Dudhat and Mario Paladini proudly present the Startup Jobs Fair, an HR event to bring professional and grown startups together with talents who like to gain experience beyond what is possible in a corporate. Those talents who are looking forward to take the challenge to work as a part of a startup team.

The event will take place in Berlin from the 29th of June to the 1st of July. But unlike other HR events, Startup Jobs Fair does not a classical event in an exhibition hall with HR managers in suits behind a desk. It comes with a pre-party and an after beach party, to ensure a good and relaxed atmosphere for face to face conversations.

The event is great for meeting with recruiter’s face to face, networking with other corporations, increase brand awareness and an unique opportunity for job seekers to make personal connections. Tickets can be ordered here and with the discount code: startupradio20 you will get 20% off.

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2 thoughts on “Berlin Startup Jobs Fair 2017 – One of Germany’s hottest startup jobs fair”

  1. But what is the list of Startups that will be attending this Job Fair?
    Without knowing the list of Startup Companies that are looking to hire, aka exhibitors, it is pretty much impossible to know whether this Job Fair is a SCAM or a good opportunity to meet Startup companies of interest.

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