This is the third and last episode in a small series, where we introduce our listeners to the winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon.

This time we talk to real twins: Ben and Alex, who are FinTech entrepreneurs and of course winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon. They founded their company dwins in Cologne, but relocated to Frankfurt after a pivot. They offer a smart analytics API for analyzing current accounts and credit card transactions, currently getting into machine learning. During the hackathon they coded the so called Finance Guru, for personal finance.

You can learn more by tuning in to the interview and follow DWINS on Social Media:

Lear more about the other two interviews with winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon here:

  • Finchild – A pocket money app who want to further the financial education for children.
  • Wire – A chat bot platform, who coded a client service chat bot during the hackathon.

PS: Here is the promised view from Deutsche Börse Fintech Hub (on a cloudy, rainy day): https://www.facebook.com/startupradio.de/photos/a.1569447969949281.1073741828.1427450964148983/1853651681528907/?type=3&theater

And picture added from the comments: https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/13147328_576116012554002_1840556866369125770_o.jpg?oh=fb788b1ef058a22455f2836f773950e3&oe=58F4A46C

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