This is the third and last episode in a small series, where we introduce our listeners to the winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon.

This time we talk to real twins: Ben and Alex, who are FinTech entrepreneurs and of course winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon. They founded their company dwins in Cologne but relocated to Frankfurt after a pivot. They offer a smart analytics API for analyzing current accounts and credit card transactions, currently getting into machine learning. During the hackathon, they coded the so-called Finance Guru, for personal finance.

You can learn more by tuning into the interview and follow DWINS on Social Media:

Lear more about the other two interviews with winners of Deutsche Bank Hackathon here:

  • Finchild – A pocket money app who want to further the financial education for children.
  • Wire – A chatbot platform, who coded a client service chat bot during the hackathon.

PS: Here is the promised view from Deutsche Börse Fintech Hub (on a cloudy, rainy day): https://www.facebook.com/startupradio.de/photos/a.1569447969949281.1073741828.1427450964148983/1853651681528907/?type=3&theater

And picture added from the comments: https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/13147328_576116012554002_1840556866369125770_o.jpg?oh=fb788b1ef058a22455f2836f773950e3&oe=58F4A46C

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