Frankfurt-based savedroid prepares their own ICO and offers microsavings in cryptocurrency (Video)


In this interview, we talk to Dr. Yassin Hankir, a former McKinsey consultant, and serial fintech entrepreneur. He is co-host of the Fintech Meetup Frankfurt / Rhein-Main and he has been one of the founders of one of Germany’s first robo advisor vaamo.

We talk to him as CEO and Founder of savedroid, the micro-savings app, which will now enable savings in cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Therefore, they ICO with their savedroid token to pay the fees for saving in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

In the front of our video recording, you see the delicious Frankfurt-based cold brew coffee lemonade Caffezza:

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Disclaimer: This interview is intended to be, and should be, used for informational purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy cryptocurrencies, nor to invest in any specific ICO.

Joern has been an Alpha Tester of the app from the beginning.

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