Sponsored – Merck is looking for new startups for their accelerator

We have been for you at Merck, the Rhein-Main based healthcare, life science and performance material behemoth, who also happens to be the world’s oldest chemicals and pharma company. As part of their strategy, Merck runs its own startup accelerator program, for which you can still apply till November 13th, 2017. As part one of our sponsored video series, we talk to Munya, who is originally from Zimbabwe, but works as innovation manager and head of the accelerator program. We give you a brief overview of the program and what’s in it for the startups. As part of the video series, we will also introduce you to some of the startups of the program. Stay tuned for more!


Learn more here: https://accelerator.merckgroup.com/

About our sponsor:

The Accelerator program in Darmstadt, Germany

The Merck Accelerator program in Darmstadt, Germany supports early-stage companies that are focused on the fields of healthcare, life science, performance materials, and additional search fields, such as bio-interfaces and sensors, enablers of precision farming, 3D printing, future organic chemistry, microbiome research, and smart site management. The program focuses primarily on digital business models. Selected companies will receive office space at the new Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt, as well as mentoring and in-depth coaching from a network comprising over 50,000 experts from 67 countries. Additionally, they will receive financial support of up to € 50,000. Oculyze, Living Brain, and MedicSen are three of the seven current participants of the program.

Learn more here: https://accelerator.merckgroup.com/


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