Startup news from Germany – October 2014

logo_newsWelcome to our first episode of news. This time with startup news from the month October.

Interview with Traxpay and main incubator

Between-the-Towers_Full-Logo-300x45Frankfurt is on its way to become one of the most important Fintech hubs in Europe. One of the core initiatives to achieve this leadership positions is the monthly meeting “Between the Towers”. The sponsor of the meeting is main incubator, a Fintech only incubator, who is a subsidiary of Germanys second largest listed Bank: Commerzbank.

The first investment of main incubator was as lead investor of a 15 mio US$ Series B funding in the leader in B2B Dynamic Payments Traxpay.

During a “Between the Towers”-Event we catch the CEO of main incubator Christian Hoppe and the CEO of Traxpay John Bruggeman for an interview. Turn in to hear what they have to say about Frankfurt, Fintech and financing rounds.

If you are thinking of applying for main incubator, you can learn more here.

Review of the Startup Weekend Frankfurt 2014

We attended the second Startup Weekend in Frankfurt am Main / Rhein-Main region in Germany during October 2014. We did catch some of the teams to make a brief interview about their startup idea after the final pitch. Listen to the ideas and the potential founders who are all seeking capital.

  • Sascha and Kan developed the idea of, which is a one way communication platform from teachers to their students.
  • Costly sports gear is at the center of the idea of Hui and Karl. They want to develop a platform where one can rent expensive sports gear like surf board, kayaks and the like.
  • Christian lost his foreign language skills due to a surgery. He taught himself all the English you hear in this interview. He developed to teach other people languages with his own approach.
  • One team was totally enchanted with the idea of the Startup Weekend. They want to set up a café to be a constant 24/7 startup weekend. We talk to Eldar. Also members of the team are Pavlos, Adam, Nazim, Chris, Remi, Maren, Florian and Thorsten.

At the first startup weekend in Frankfurt, a team developed the idea what is today This is a platform which enables energy efficiency projects via crowdfunding. So we will continue to follow the teams and members of the projects and let you know what they are up to.

Interview with BLYSS Chocolate

BLYSS-Chocolate-Logo-150x150We talk to Lyss from Blyss Chocolate, who originally from Australia, decided to set up her startup in Frankfurt, Germany. Blyss Chocolate offers quality chocolate and chocolate beans to retail and wholesale customers. We talk a lot about chocolate, food and how Lyss ended up in Frankfurt. To learn more about chocolate, take a look at her youtube video.

For every non-German we are curious about how it was to set up a startup in Frankfurt as a German form of an Ltd (GmbH). In the interview she gives us her impression about the administrative work to set up a company in Germany. To our surprise, she really liked it … after an initial adjustment phase. She even calls “IHK (German Chamber of Commerce), Ordnungsamt (city department for code enforcement) and Finanzamt (German IRS) the wholly trinity of good startup advice in Germany.”

We also talk about the transition from a corporate job with PowerPoint and Excel to become a hands-on entrepreneur and much more. Tune in to learn more.

Interview with Productive Mobile

logo-productive-mobileWe talk to Anthony from productive mobile; from the first class of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin. He is co-founder of Evomob and Productive Mobile. Evomob provides its customers a non-coding method to transform a traditional website into a mobile website for smart phones or tablets.

Anthony has an interesting story to tell, how he arrived with this company in Germany. We talk about studies in London, software companies in India and why one should get more information about a country before setting up shop there.

Anthony and Joern agree that the world is flat and due to this the mobile internet is getting more and more important.

Anthony tells us, how his “old company” Evomob pivoted during its time in the the MS Accelerator, into the “new” company Productive Mobile. For Productive Mobile we discuss the help they have gotten from the Accelerator and which doors have been opened by Microsoft for Productive Mobile by the connections.

Tune it to learn more.