In store for 2018

Hello everybody,

there is a lot we want to do in 2018. There will be a re-launch of the website and podcast before the end of Q1.

Of course, we have some interesting interviews lined up for you as well! We will also participate in a few more live events and bring you more videos and live streams as well.

We will launch Startups.Observer with our friends from Emporion. On this soon to be launched platform, we are will be matching startups and investors. This is a logical extension of our business-focused approach. We have at least seven confirmed startups, who have been contacted by investors as a result of our interviews. In the case of our interview with Get Penta, they had even eight business angels reaching out to them as a result. This happened already, even though we did not intentionally cater investors with the interview. So it kept me personally thinking. Add all the startups that reach out to us for an interview, which we are unable to offer a slot. This leads you to a demand for matching these startups with investors. We are going to do this on a platform, which will be a screening tool for both sides.
It will enable investors to discover new startups on their preferences (not relying on homepages or personal networks alone), instantly getting alerts when a matching startups signs on. Investors will also get all the data for a first look in the same format. If the contact does not work out, the investor and startup can stay in touch via a watch list.
For the startups it will enable them to screen investors, manage the data access of each investor and discover new potential investors, for which they fit the investment criteria. It will enable startups to provide potential investors with data they only have to upload, format and comment once. If the first approach does not work out, one can keep giving updates to the investors via the watch list.

We already signed the contracts for, as a data source for VC investments in the greater Frankfurt area. The website is already online, but only as a dummy. Good business news are always based on well interpreted high-quality data. Since we are the international channel of the Frankfurt and Rhine-Main startup scene, we will collect not published data together with our friends from and Gründerstammtisch/Founders Table (the grassroots meetup for (new) entrepreneurs). We will than aggregate the data and publish it on a regular (maybe quarterly) basis on the website. It will also allow us to deliver you even more insights into the Frankfurt and Rhein-Main based startups scene.

Of course, we are already working on many more ideas. We will keep you updated!

Joern, for the team

News – 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

Chris and Joe talk about the reviews of the startup year 2017 they have found and the forecasts for 2018 they find noteworthy. The recoding was done on January 6th 2018

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2017 Fintech Review Germany and 2018 Outlook

The fintech review Germany is one of the traditions of Startupradio. We started it in German back in 2014, when fintech first appeared. Since will be shut down the end of 2017, we moved our tradition to the English channel. If you are able to speak German, you will find the old shows here:

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