Accelerator Frankfurt – Interview with co-founder and fintech influencer Maria

The independent accelerator program “Accelerator Frankfurt” is already a fixture in the Frankfurt startup scene. After the last demo day, their next batch is just around the corner. For this reason, we talk to Maria Pennanen, co-founder of the independent Accelerator Frankfurt. Maria is an experienced Business Angel in Germany and Finland, as well as a fintech influencer in the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).  She is originally from Finland and has garnered quite a lot of experience in helping startups in Asia and Europe. We talk to her about how she ended up in Frankfurt, how startups can enter Accelerator Frankfurt and how this helps them to enter Europe.

This video was sponsored by Accelerator Frankfurt. You can now apply to their program. The next batch will start March 12th, 2018 and you can apply on their website or directly here:

Twitter: @PennanenMaria

RegTech at TechQuartier III – Sebastian Schaefer on the TQ

Gaurav did attend the RegTech event here in Frankfurt, in TechQuartier (TQ). TQ is one of the hubs of the emerging Frankfurt start-up community. TQ did invite to the event talking about the impact the Brexit will have on RegTech start-ups.

This will be a short series and follow up our interviews with Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, who is the CEO of TechQuartier, which is the government-backed startup location in Frankfurt.


Tune in to learn more.


Disclaimer: We did our best to improve the audio quality, but doing live interviews, sometimes on the go, results usually not in the highest audio quality. We apologize for the lower audio quality up front and still hope you can draw insights from the interview. Non-the less we hope you enjoy it anyway. Next time we will be a bit better! PROMISE!