RegTech at TechQuartier II – The future of RegTechs after Brexit, perspective from London

Gaurav did attend the RegTech event here in Frankfurt, in TechQuartier (TQ). TQ is one of the hubs of the emerging Frankfurt startup community. TQ did invite to the event talking about the impact the Brexit will have on RegTech startups.

This will be a short series and follow up our interview with Prof. Hackthal here with Franklin Allen, who is Professor of Finance and Economics and Executive Director of the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College London.


Tune in to learn more.


Disclaimer: We did our best to improve the audio quality, but doing live interviews, sometimes on the go, results usually not in the highest audio quality. We apologize for the lower audio quality upfront and still hope you can draw insights from the interview. Non-the-less we hope you enjoy it anyways. Next time we will be a bit better! PROMISE!

Berlin Startup Jobs Fair 2017 – One of Germany’s hottest startup jobs fair

Ashok Dudhat and Mario Paladini proudly present the Startup Jobs Fair, an HR event to bring professional and grown startups together with talents who like to gain experience beyond what is possible in a corporate. Those talents who are looking forward to take the challenge to work as a part of a startup team.

The event will take place in Berlin from the 29th of June to the 1st of July. But unlike other HR events, Startup Jobs Fair does not a classical event in an exhibition hall with HR managers in suits behind a desk. It comes with a pre-party and an after beach party, to ensure a good and relaxed atmosphere for face to face conversations.

The event is great for meeting with recruiter’s face to face, networking with other corporations, increase brand awareness and an unique opportunity for job seekers to make personal connections. Tickets can be ordered here and with the discount code: startupradio20 you will get 20% off.

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This time in our final roadtrip podcast from Bits & Pretzels 2016 our topic range is quite wide: logistics, VR and education. Event’s foyer was full of startup stands from all business fields with interesting ideas and products. Shipping goods today is as easy as that, just few swaps on smartphone, startups Bird and are helping doing that. There are plenty of use cases for VR in design and architecture, consulting, marketing, startup eachtick’s product GVR is a good demo of that. And finally SpeaQ With Me’s product is a new online social language platform, stay tuned, more in our podcast.

You can find the other interviews here:

Episode I Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Mozilla Foundation and startup pitches

Episode II Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Startups in HR and talent search


We continue series of Roadtip podcasts from Bits & Pretzels 2016, discussing event’s program that was full of keynotes, workshops, speakers and pitches.


Today we are sharing with our listeners value propositions of startups in field of HR and talent search. Surprisingly there are a lot of gaps in this business that startups can improve and create additional value both for firms and job seekers. We talk to the startups Talentcube, MoBerries and TaylorTalents are sharing with us their ideas and product pitches.


Here you find Episode I Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Mozilla Foundation and startup pitches

Roadtrip Interviews and Event Highlights from Bits & Pretzels 2016 – Part I

In the next three series of roadshow podcasts we’re sharing highlights of Munich’s top startup event – Bits & Pretzels 2016. This year events’ talk lineup was fantastic – Kevin Spacey, Richard Branson, founders of Evernote, Airbnb, Home24, Runtastic, Youporn and many other renowned speakers. Besides highlights in each podcast we have a chance to share with our listeners a bunch of pitches of the most buzzing startups from Bits & Pretzels. In this podcast our blitz-interview guest is Mitchell Baker Executive Chairwoman of Mozilla Foundation discussing her keynote: “data as a new oxygen for startups” and startup pitches from Parquery, CollectAI, 4tiitoo.