#FrankfurtFintech – Interview with Yassin, founder of AI savings app savedroid

In this interview, we talk with a constant of the Frankfurt fintech scene, Dr. Yassin Hankir (LinkedIn). Yassin is already known in Frankfurt from his last startup, as one of the co-founders of one of Germany’s first Robo-advisors, called vaamo. Currently, he is one of the hosts of  „Fintech Meetup in and around Frankfurt“ and he is in our interview since he is the founder of the micro savings fintech savedroid (here you can find the IOS App, Android App, and the CrunchBase profile).

Our listeners from the German channel know him because he is a regular guest in our annual fintech reviews (all in German 2014, 2015 and 2016). Savedroid is currently headquartered in the Fintech Hub of Deutschen Börse in Frankfurt.

During the interview, we talk about his current fintech savedroid, which aims to raise a Series-A VC round towards the end of the year. In the conversation we touch:

Be!Fund – The Business of Creating Heroes

Be!Fund Deutschland Förderverein e.V. is a non-profit startup that supports social startups in India. The organization is the local support hub for two organizations in India

  • Be!Fund India helps entrepreneurs to get non-profit venture capital in India
  • Going to School India helps children in India to finish their last years in school in order to learn crucial skills, they could use to become social entrepreneurs themselves.

Both organizations are intertwined on a personal basis in India, both are supported by the entity we interview from Germany. Therefore both are covered in this interview here. In Frankfurt, Be!Fund works closely together with the Indian parent organization e.g. by reviewing business plans of the social entrepreneurs and supports them financially by collecting donations invested as seed capital into social entrepreneurs who pay it back by for another investment in the next generation hopefully creating a ripple effect. In the volunteering work methods from the lean start-up movement are used, such as prototyping our fundraising campaign „Karmaheld“ that raises donations in a fun way. The campaign is abstaining from using old-fashioned guilt feeling techniques, taking prototypes to the streets and improving it from the feedback received.

Want to support the initiative, donate here


Links and Videos

Want to support the initiative, donate here
Be!Fund website
Karmaheld website
Download Skool App „Skool by Going To School“ for iOS here

Videos from the initiatives on YouTube: 
Going to school India
Jayanti’s Candle Making Business – Befund!
Mageshwari’s Solar Lighting Business – Befund!
Archana’s Leaf Plate Making Business – Befund!


This time in our final roadtrip podcast from Bits & Pretzels 2016 our topic range is quite wide: logistics, VR and education. Event’s foyer was full of startup stands from all business fields with interesting ideas and products. Shipping goods today is as easy as that, just few swaps on smartphone, startups Bird and einfachverschickt.de are helping doing that. There are plenty of use cases for VR in design and architecture, consulting, marketing, startup eachtick’s product GVR is a good demo of that. And finally SpeaQ With Me’s product is a new online social language platform, stay tuned, more in our podcast.

You can find the other interviews here:

Episode I Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Mozilla Foundation and startup pitches

Episode II Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Startups in HR and talent search


We continue series of Roadtip podcasts from Bits & Pretzels 2016, discussing event’s program that was full of keynotes, workshops, speakers and pitches.


Today we are sharing with our listeners value propositions of startups in field of HR and talent search. Surprisingly there are a lot of gaps in this business that startups can improve and create additional value both for firms and job seekers. We talk to the startups Talentcube, MoBerries and TaylorTalents are sharing with us their ideas and product pitches.


Here you find Episode I Bits and Pretzels 2016 –  Mozilla Foundation and startup pitches

MEJO! aims to improve the life of diabetes patients with data science

Today we bring you an interview from one of the social startups from the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. We talk to Luca from MEJO!, a web application, which applies data science to help patients cope with their diabetes.  MEJO officially launches Nov 28th, but has already more than 6.000 registered users. Currently there are estimated to be more than 30 mn people with diabetes in the Spanish speaking countries and MEJO aims to help those people, as well as their care takers.

As of now there is a lot of medical data (e.g. blood pressure) available for the condition, but not much behavioral data, which is the big advantage of MEJO, since they try to use exactly this data. Tune in to learn more!

MEJO! is actively looking for seed funding.

Here you find the links

Interview with Marcin Łotysz, CTO, BIN-E ✰ – A smart garbage bin, which will save your company money

Polish startup Bin-e is going to revolutionize the waste management in offices. In this short audio interview we had the chance to talk with Marcin. Marcin is the co-founder and CTO of Bin-e. The IoT startup Bin-e builds a smart trash can, which recognizes, segregates and compresses the waste. And ones it’s full notifies the right people to empty it.

Tune in now and find out how the founders:

  • came up with the idea,
  • how the smart waste bin will work,
  • which target group they want to reach
  • and how their smart bin will help companies to save money.