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This is our first video of the new Cybersecurity focused series of Securitysutra. We aim to bring you interviews and quarterly news, relevant to entrepreneurs for their business. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

It can take up to 300 days till a hacker is discovered in a network and he/she can use this time to wreak havoc on the company or steal its data. In this video interview, we talk to Yaniv Miron, from the cybersecurity startup Fenror7. Fenror7 is based in Israel and it offers its clients to identify intruders. This is called by the company lateral movement and they offer a graphic display of the threats.

The video was conducted by Gaurav and Joern in the coworking space Co-Work & Play:

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Security Startup Talks With Us About The DDoS Attacks


In this interview Joern interviews Stefan. Stefan is one of the co-founders of the startup Alyne. Alyne is also in the first batch of the program of Accelerator Frankfurt.

Alyne is a regtech (regulatory technology) startup. They offer to handle cybersecurity, regulatory and compliance for their clients. We got curious, when several big websites went down recently in an attack. In the light of these recent Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with IoT devices, we ask Stefan what happened and what a startup could do to lower their cybersecurity risks.

In the interview we talk about:

  • Botnet Mirai
  • The mentioned article with cyber security tips