Who is Startuprad.io?

Startuprad.io is an English only startup podcast and YouTube blog – internally only called IO. IO was founded in 2014 by Jörn Menninger, as a spin-off of the – now-defunct – audio podcast startupradio.de. Since 2017 the podcast has also launched a YouTube channel.

Startuprad.io is constantly developing towards a premier English source for exclusive coverage of early and later stage startups and fintechs from Germany, with many world premieres and nearly all exclusive content. The podcast scored chart positions in iTunes and Spotify, as well as Sticher in 21 countries (as of April 2019), which shows not only the global interest but also the diversity of the audience. Due to the background of its founder, the content is leaning towards fintech, but we tend to talk to all interesting startups.

Startuprad.io brings you news, interviews and live events from the German startup scene in English. We give you in-depth insights into the minds of the movers and shakers of the German startup scene. We are especially aiming for people many don’t know yet.

We also provide you, as our listener, with regular news warp ups, with a transatlantic perspective 10 times a year – we only take a summer break. We are based in Frankfurt, in the heart of Europe and therefore have a special place in our heart for the local startup scene in the greater Rhine-Main Area, as well as startups from all over Europe.

We had the pleasure to have several global premiers and several startups announced their intention to raise Venture Capital exclusively on our channels.

We bring you startups from all over Germany and a few from around the world. Our goal is 1/3 startups from Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, 1/3 from the rest of Germany and the last 3rd from all over the world.

If you want to know more, please feel free to reach out.

“you’re doing a great job and that’s a good opportunity for those people that cannot be seen to be seen and heard”
Reginald Dalce during his Startuprad.io Interview (Link)

The people behind startuprad.io

Jörn “Joe” Menninger – The founder

Joern is a seasoned management consultant with almost a decade experience in the financial services industry. He started after high school with his national service as an EMT in the paramedic ambulance. He then went through vocational training in retail banking and studied in Germany, China, and the USA. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and was founder or co-founder of several ventures in Europe and one in Beijing, China.

You can find his interview here

joe@startuprad.io / Twitter / LinkedIn

Joe at the interview in the library of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY in May 2018. 

Chris at the interview in the library of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY in May 2018. 

Dr. Christian Fahrenbach (Chris)

Christian aka Chris, is Startuprad.io’s man in New York. He writes from New York three newsletters every night for Europe, including one on startups and mobility. He is an author for one of Germany’s largest newsletters covering daily news in Germany with several thousand subscribers. He is, of course, a startup enthusiast, a former “TowKnight Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism” and teaching as well at CUNY School of Journalism. You find his video interview here.


Pedro Ferreira

Pedro is very active in the Frankfurt startup scene. He is as well very active as the community manager and the man behind the scenes for Startuprad.io. Pedro is very much a behind-the-scenes enabler. He is an expat, who lives with his family in Frankfurt. You can find his video interview here.

pedro@startuprad.io / Twitter 

Pedro at his interview at CoWork & Play in Frankfurt, in August 2018. 

Press / Media Data / Mentions

Startuprad.io Key figures and facts

Startuprad.io has a very international audience, as of now (March 2018) our website has welcomed visits from 181 countries. At the end of 2018, the USA was by far the most important country for visitors to our website.

The website Startuprad.io had 2018 more than 3,5 million hits, from more than 400.000 Unique visitors. Startuprad.io generates more than 54% of its traffic from the United States. The other top 10 countries of visitors included Europe, as well as Asia and South America. A more detailed view shows hotspots of visitors in the greater New York Area/Tri-State Area, San Francisco Bay Area, Berlin, Greater London, and Frankfurt/Rhine-Main

Startuprad.io is popular across the globe. We tried to put all chart positions (right scale, Spotify and Sticher) and days in the iTunes Charts (left scale, number of days in charts) together. This is the aggregation as of September 4th, 2019 and includes data until this very day. Since the last posting (May 15th), Italy and Brazil welcomed us in the iTunes charts. Updates to follow.

Also for our social media, 2018 was an amazing year!

In 2018 the YouTube channel has been a smashing success. www.youtube.com/startupradio has generated more than 750k views, at the end of the year.

What others are writing about us



With our Labor Day promotion we came back from our “Summer Break”, where we have actually been working hard! We are very happy that our efforts brought us in the iTunes Charts in Brazil. We came up to #132 in the Technology Genre. Muito obrigado! 

Startuprad.io and it’s sub-project RhineMain.vc are now official multipliers for https://www.startupheatmap.eu/analytics/city/Frankfurt


Startup Genome highlights the importance of Startuprad.io for the Frankfurt and Rhine-Main Startup Scene:


On July 8th YouTube informed us, that our channel www.youtube.com/startupradio surpassed 1.000.000 views! Our audience is just awesome!


We made it in the UK Top 200 Podcast Charts with our audio interview with PANALIS, in media partnership with Frankfurt Forward.

Screenshot – Analytics Data Startuprad.io

as well as with our audio podcast from the 2018 ceremony of the Golden Garage German Fintech Awards.


We finally got a hold on the printed version fo the Startup Guide Frankfurt, where our founder Joern served as an advisor.

We got featured in the customer magazine of credit shelf, the lending platform for SMEs.


We got featured with our startup news at Berlin Startups (see tweet here: https://twitter.com/berlinstartups/status/1089825601735806976)

as well as in Fashion and Beauty News, which to be honest we found pretty cool! Thank you, guys!



  • The month started out with a major marketing measure for us. And it really worked great. We made it in the US and German iTunes Podcast Download Charts. Topping No 1 in Germany and No 12 in the US. Link

    Screenshot itunescharts.net


  • We got a very pleasant surprise. This weekend (Labor Day Weekend in the US), we broke for the first time into the Top 100 Podcast Download Charts USA and Canada! Link
  • Our Chris had something to say about this as well. Here his status


  • During this summer we made it twice in the German Top 100 Podcast Download Charts.


  • You guys already know that we get most of our podcast listeners from the US. Now we took a look at the iTunes store USA and found a real surprise! There are almost 250 5-Star-Ratings! We are honored!
  • We surpassed another milestone. With our growing followership, we have achieved more than 1.5 million, yes 1.500.000, impressions in just 28 days on Twitter alone. This also shows in our traffic and unique visitors on the website, our podcast downloads and YouTube views, but the Twitter milestone blew us away. When Joern started out this year alone, we hoped for 2 million impressions on all of the social media. Now we are more than just happy! You guys rock!
  • Influencer World ranks us as a Blockchain and Crypto influencer
  • Crunchbase appears to love us to the moon and back :-). We have been rated one of the top 3 companies, founded by BearingPoint Alumni.


  • We reached a new record! We surpassed half a million tweet impressions within 28 days! Thank you guys, you are amazing!


  • The first issue of Startup Guide Frankfurt will be published in December 2018 and our founder Joe will be on the advisory board for the issue. We are very happy about this nomination.
  • We made No 88 in the German Top 100 Podcast Download Charts with our interview with Vishal





  • Klout.com once again rates us as one of the global top 0.1% influencers on startups and venture capital
  • We just got in the last 28 days more than 107k unique visitors on our YouTube channel
  • We are honored to be nominated for the Global Fintech Awards.
  • We got featured in Berlin Startups, with our February news.


  • We started our media partnership with Arctic Startup with our interview with Maria from Accelerator Frankfurt.
  • The Startuprad.io YouTube channel is showing exceptional growth. The one-year CAGR for our subscribers is a mind-blowing 215900.00% (as of February 15th). 
  • The Startuprad.io website is showing strong growth. The one-year CAGR is 152% for unique visitors  (as of February 15th). 


  • berlinstartups.de did feature us as the headline story on January 24th with our interview of GetPenta.
  • Analytics company Klout.com ranks Startuprad.io as one of the top 0.1% social media influencers on startups globally
  • We started a new media cooperation with Gründermetropole (a German blog focused on the Berlin startup scene).


  • Startuprad.io’s founder Jörn got quoted several times in an article in Business Life, the onboard magazine of British Airways, covering the Frankfurt startup hub.
  • Startuprad.io made it one day in the UK Top 100 iTunes podcast download charts

July: Startuprad.io is one of the Top 10 Tech Podcasts Germany
May: Startuprad.io starts it’s YouTube channel YouTube.com/c/Startupradio


October: Startuprad.io is the only startup podcast from Germany EU-Startups.com considers “worth listening to”

February: Startuprad.io/Startupradio.de is a compulsive listening source for entrepreneurs and investors writes German VC Blog Investorenszene.de (German)