We have been yesterday for you at the Golden Garage, the investors side German Fintech Awards. Joern has been able to snatch you 3 of the 6 category winners, but you can learn more on the website of the award.


We are very happy for the seed-stage winner, called awamo. Not only are they a for-profit social startup, but we had the world premiere with them, in our podcast. In 2015 they were still called BCB Biometric Credit Bureau and the interview was conducted in German (therefore it went offline with the podcast Startupradio.de). Learn more on their website: https://awamo.com/

OptioPay is a white labeling solution to convert money into higher value gift cards. They offer their service to banks. Learn more on their website: https://www.optiopay.com/

Exporo took the PropTech award home. They are the market leader in Germany for Real Estate Crowdfunding. They have a market share of more than 70% of this market within Germany. They are looking to expand in Europe. Learn more on their website: https://exporo.de/