Acomodeo helps companies to find serviced apartments worldwide

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Our first clients know us and trust us, and they do these bookings [28.000 – 35.000 Euros] on a cell phone.
Eric-Jan Krausch during his interview


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We see that there are a lot of professional suppliers in the market and we digitize them. We make them online bookable.
Eric-Jan Krausch during his interview


The Founder

In this interview for we are talking to Eric-Jan Krausch (, Founder and CEO of Frankfurt-based proptech and business travel startup ACOMODEO ( Eric is born in Frankfurt and originally worked in a radio station. He even studied music business in Mannheim (  He also worked for innovation departments at large and established companies. After that Eric became a freelancer, working as consultant for several companies.


Our global footprint is supported by our location in Frankfurt.
Eric-Jan Krausch during his interview


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The Story

Eric developed the idea of Acomodeo together with his roommate, during his graduate studies. The company provides on its platform multinational companies with apartments all around the world. This is a great service for multinationals since they must provide housing for their employees on international assignments. One can book apartments on Acomodeo from four days to two years. The goal is to get the client a seamless travel experience, so the startup sees itself more like a startup in the travel industry (traveltech), rather than a property startup (proptech).


For a B2B startup this [Frankfurt] is a better location.
Eric-Jan Krausch during his interview


Acomodeo vets the suppliers before they get on their platform. They focus on other points that a hotel platform would like the question: Is there a fully equipped kitchen, including a toaster?



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The Video Interview (this interview will go live on Thursday, March 19th 15.00 CET, 14.00 UK, 10 am ET)

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