We offer Corporate Mobility Procurement 4.0 as a SaaS model
Markus Puhl, Founder Airive

The founder

We talk to Markus Puhl (https://www.linkedin.com/in/markus-puhl-31355b112/), founder of Airive (http://www.airive.de/). The startup is part of Next Mobility Lab, which is headquartered in Mainz (https://www.nextmobilitylab.com/; https://www.linkedin.com/company/next-mobility-lab/), but also has a location in Boston.

During this interview, we are talking to him on how corporate mobility has changed and how he wants to change it even more with “Corporate Mobility Procurement 4.0.” 

The market we are aiming for are 16.000 companies in Germany alone, who are operating car fleets bigger than 20 cars.
Markus Puhl, Founder Airive


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The Startup

Currently, large corporates invite mobility providers to bid for their contracts on a regular basis, so they can get the best price. This is a hassle for small companies with corporate car fleets of 50 cars in one country but takes on quite different dimensions if a company has to provide mobility to thousands of employees across several continents. All trips need to be efficient in terms of time, costs, and CO2.   

There was a feeling in the market … to end the manual mode of purchasing corporate mobility.
Markus Puhl, Founder Airive

Airive offers analytics services and a purchase platform where corporates can ask for bids for their required services.

The Video Interview is set to go live on June 4th 19.00 Frankfurt (1 pm Eastern, 18.00 London )


In Germany 189 million business travel trips are taken every year.
Markus Puhl, Founder Airive

Next Mobility Labs / Additional Ressources

Airive is part of the Next Mobility Labs accelerator program, based in Mainz. You can learn more about them here: https://www.nextmobilitylab.com/


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