In this video interview, we are talking to Johannes “Joe” Noll (, who is co-founder and CEO at Darmstadt based App Guard. App Guard helps developers – to keep pre-programmed elements they are using in their applications – up to date, so no one can exploit known loopholes from those elements. This is important, since already a few hours after the release of new software automated tools will start to hack software, with known weaknesses. You can access the tool Codario here: They support docker, composer, NPM, Drupal, yarn, and python.

“5 Hours after the release of the software, automated hack start”

Currently, App Guard is raising Venture Capital. Reach out to us, to learn more.

The video interview was recorded at the booth of Frankfurt Forward at Entrepreneur University in Wiesbaden, Germany. Thank you to SAP Next-Gen for providing us space at their booth for the interviews before this one. Thank you to Frankfurt Forward to provide us the space for this interview.

“If you have several layers of dependencies if you are using one docker file”

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Transcript below

Welcome to, your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup scene with news interviews and live events.

Joe: Hello and welcome everybody. This is Joe from your startup podcast and YouTube blog from Germany and right now as you can see, I once again shifted because SAP started their pitches and unfortunately I was in front of the biggest speaker that they had and so I had to change so anybody could understand anything. I’m right now here in the booth of Frankfurt Forward. You guys may remember, I’m the media partner or Frankfurt forward, so I now have another Joe here with me, who’s not actually Joe, what’s the name and what are you doing?

Johannes: Yeah, my full name is Johansen Noll and I’m a founder and CEO of App Guard and we are cybersecurity start up from a Darmstadt in Germany.

Joe: Cybersecurity, that sounds fancy. What do you guys actually doing?

Johannes: I guess you can imagine that a software developer nowadays, they don’t develop all the code for their products themselves, so they’re using open source libraries and 90% of the code they’re using the products is open source space nowadays. So what we do is, or the problem is which what the developers have that they get CBEs or vulnerabilities inside their code base and so hiccup can attack their product. What we do is we show the software developers know a platform which CDEs do they currently have because of the libraries inside their code. And we are also able to fix this vulnerabilities and by updating the libraries to the current version.

Joe: Okay that means you’re basically offering a service for somebody who’s coding.

Johannes: Yeah exactly.

Joe: When I understand right. They take some parts of the puzzle, which is finally the software and they all source and you make sure those pieces are up to date and they don’t have any vulnerability.

Johannes: Yeah, exactly. I think you’ve got it right.

Joe: I’m going to be cybersecurity guru one day.

Johannes: Yeah, so the purpose is that if you don’t update the libraries instantly, you have a risk that a hacker can attack your software. So that’s the reason why we say, okay, you should update your libraries as fast as possible because in some cases already five hours after the release, the automated text start. That’s a big issue, but most of the software developer’s state even doesn’t know it, yeah.

Joe: Okay I see and that’s basically the thing. They used to be a patch Tuesday from Microsoft where they, they patched all the security potential security problems they had in windows. And then I heard, okay and then there was hack when second goes, hackers try to get, they analyse the patches on the vulnerabilities and the day after they start attacking for everybody who didn’t update. Is it something like you make this hack impossible?

Johannes: We are not fixing the hack or the code itself.

Joe: Okay.

Johannes: What we do is we, in the first step, we show that inside the library they use that there’s a CDE and the next step is to update to the latest version. And our product is not related to Microsoft products and our product is focused on depth development and technologies like composer or NPM. So JavaScript and PHP, or we also support a Docker right now, so there’s no support of Microsoft products yet.

Joe: Okay, I see.

Johannes: It’s a different technology focus with just an example.

Joe: I guess everybody can relate to windows, so that’s basically other things you do. How can people use your service? For example, I’m a web developer out there watching somewhere in Paraguay, in Brazil, in Albania. How do I get your product? How can one work with it.

Johannes: Yeah, you can sit everywhere on the globe for sure because I mean it is global, easy so you can just access our platform at register and what you get for free is the monitoring. So you can directly monitor, you’ll get repository on Bit bucket, GitHub, whatever. It’s only depending on the git.

Joe: Could you explain for somebody who’s not a coder like me?

Johannes: I’m sorry, Joe, yeah, so as a software developer, your code is hosted somewhere in the so called kit repository. You can imagine it’s like a Dropbox for your software code that’s called the kit repository. And our software is connecting to this kit repository and by that we can monitor all the libraries when we were talking about before.

Joe: Okay, and I also understand it’s like closely related to web development, PHP. I remember what other languages to support?

Johannes: As I said, the Java script and NPM. NPM is the package manager.

Joe: Okay.

Johannes: And also Docker, Docker files is very popular right now it’s increasing markets, so we decided to go also for Docker.

Joe: What would anybody be able to do with Docker?

Johannes: The benefit or the value that you get out of our platform is that if you’re using a Docker file and you have a lot of dependencies as well, so there’s not only one dependency or five dependencies, you have several layers of dependencies if you’re using one Docker file. So what we show on our platform is a complete tree about all the libraries we are using in each layer and that’s a very good value for the people because then they can directly see, okay, where is my problem located? So as a software developer, you directly see the value out of it if you see all the layers and all the dependencies on the platform very easily.

Joe: You really know where to fix it.

Johannes: Yeah or you know where your problem is, yeah.

Joe: Well, usually the problem is in front of the monitor but that’s it, but what’s the- everybody would like to learn more. Go down here into [show off 04:28], there’s link to your LinkedIn profile as well as to the company website. Thank you very much.

Johannes: Thank you Joe.

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