Dear Community,


as we had some time during the last weekend we got to set up our Patreon account here


If you like our content and want to help us bringing you the same B2B content, we would appreciate your patronage. You will find there is a simple 5€ a month level. The other ones are rather intended for people working with us in a professional capacity. There is an option to suggest startups for interviews, as well as an option to help us select between the suggested options.

Keep in mind: Everyone has the right to suggest startups for interviews, but we will – where possible – prefer the suggestions of our Patrons.


We would also like to announce that we now officially cracked the podcast charts in 30 countries, surprisingly the two ones we added have been Russia and China. We would have bet on English-Speaking countries, but we are even happier with those too. Спасибо вам большое and 非常感谢