In this video interview, we are talking to Michael Weber (, Founder of Creators Collective ( They offer a white labeling service for corporates and startups from innovation to MVPs. They either work for small companies, like startups, who have no own product development team or department. They work in physical products and digital services. Their focus is medical products, where they can develop the product from a rough idea to the final licensing stage. They also worked for mobility startups and consumer products companies.

what is special about is that we’re really doing innovation from first idea to the finished product.

The video interview was recorded at SAP next-gen stage at Entrepreneur University in Wiesbaden, Germany. Thank you to SAP Next-Gen for providing us space at their booth for the interviews.

I think because we can move very, very fast in terms of innovation faster than, than most companies can do


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Joe: Welcome everybody. This is Joe from, your start-up podcast and you YouTube blog from Germany. I’m still here in [inaudible 00:31] Entrepreneur University and I do have the next start-up company with me. Hey, welcome.

Michael: Thank you.

Joe: Can you introduce yourself to our viewers?

Michael: Sure, so my name is Michael Vida. I’m part of the start-up creative collective, so we are an interdisciplinary group of 14 people doing innovation projects. So what is special about is that we’re really doing innovation from first idea to the finished product. So because we have different disciplines like designers, we have architects, we have an engineer; we have business consultants and so on.

Joe: What is the fanciest profession you have in your team?

Michael: It’s Wilderness educator and also we have a film, famous YouTuber also.

Joe: Okay.

Michael: So it’s really a–

Joe: You tubers are pretty strange.

Michael: Yeah that’s right, yeah. Well I think it’s the wilderness is probably the– so, yeah. So we’d want draw kind of the creative power out of all of that a mixture between different views yeah and so on.

Joe: We talked before, from what I understand, you basically offer white labelling service or product development innovation processes for other companies who either not big enough to have their own innovation product development department, like start-ups or companies who want to have like a new take a fresh idea, a new perspective, right?

Michael: Yes, that’s true, so I think because we can move very, very fast in terms of innovation faster than, than most companies can do. So we kind of can outsource innovation processes and can really from the point where the company says, yeah, we have a weak idea, we don’t know how we can approach this. Then we can take it with them obviously but then really we can bring that till we have a finished product in terms of physical products or digital products, so we can do both roads.

Joe: Is there like a special area where you work like consumer products, like rifles like atomic energy, stuff like that?

Michael: Yes, not atomic energy, so indeed we have kind of a strong emphasis on sustainability and social topics. So we kind of doing different things, so one area is medical products, which we are doing where we then look a lot into kind of if it’s a physical product. So we look where the material comes from, what’s the production social production background and so on.

Joe: So what will be interesting for me, if you talk about like medical product, is it like from first product I see until the final licensing of the medical product, can you provide that service?

Michael: Yes, we can do that, so we have clients who came with a rough idea of like an area, so we want to develop a new product. For example like old age place for elderly people. And then we can, we do user research, then we do–

Joe: So everybody who doesn’t know it’s like the walking eight, the old people have in front of them that they don’t fall.

Michael: Yeah, so we have done projects in that area. For example, we really were kind of reinventing that topic because what you have now on the market is neither sexy nor functional or economic. Yeah, so we really reinvented that topic. Then we started with user research, so that’s the first step, really understanding the needs of the users. Then we developed a design vision together with the client so they can kind of co-create with us. That’s possible, but then we do like product design process and then we can do the engineering part as well. So we can really come back to the client with the finished product, so they still have to produce it, but everything before that is finished.

Joe: Are there areas of business where you work, like medical products, consumer products, I would assume?

Michael: Yeah, we can do that, so as long as we can stand behind and support the product. So, as I said, we have a strong value basis, so if you think it’s a good product, it makes the word about a phrase. It is okay, so we’ve, for example, we’ve been working in the mobility space, like sustainable mobility also around digitalization off the buy. There is a start up in Frankfurt OB. They are doing like a–

Joe: Do you buy there?

Michael: Yeah.

Joe: We had them in the interview, yeah.

Michael: So we’ve been working with them also in terms of business modelling strategy. Also, not, not so much on the product side in this case, but on the strategy side. Yeah, so also if we think it’s a good product, then we supported it, yeah.

Joe: And everybody who wants to learn more can go down here in the show notes and find your LinkedIn profile as well as the company website.

Michael: Perfect.

Joe: Thank you so much, my pleasure.

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