In this interview, we talk to Meirav Peleg Landau – VP of Business Development – EasySend ( Easysend is a workflow assistance tool, which helps to digitize formerly manual processes and update information automatically. Learn more here:

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[00:19] Joe: Oh and welcome everybody. This is Joe from Today, live and direct coming to you from your finance tech here in Concord Center Frankfurt. I do have Meirav with me here today. Welcome.

[00:35] Meirav: Thank you very much.

[00:36] Joe: You’re very welcome. We had a very interesting talk before we started. And basically can you tell us just a, little bit about you, what you’ve done in the past before we get into what you’re doing right now?

[00:49] Meirav: Great. So my name is Meirav. And I have 15 years of experience doing operational and IT management in several high tech companies. And my last role, I was the CIO of their biggest asset management company in Israel. And one day three guys came into my office, they were assistant founders and they offered me the solution. I verified it, checked it, liked it, bought it and I didn’t know it then, but that was a game changer for me in person. And also for the IT department and the organization. And then they bought me, and this is now I’m here at Easy Send doing great things

[01:41] Joe: And you just talked about Easy Send, which is actually the startup you’re working for, which you are here for at Finance Tech. Can you tell us a little bit about what this startup does because it sounds like you’re just sending out parcels?

[01:56] Meirav: Okay. So what Easy Send is actually doing is we create and improve customer experience. We’re doing that by providing the organization with online and live analytics and insights. Organization can use these data to make decisions and have a view of the entire customer journey. And of course using our platform organization on saving money due to efficiency and creating money due to increasing the conversion rate.

[02:36] Joe: Increasing the conversion rate. Don’t worry. It’s really stressful to be here. You’ve been talking; you do real time providing data analytics. What kind of data, what kind of analytics are you providing? Like is the website down or is it up or what do you do?

[02:57] Meirav: So I’ll explain. So we’ve developed a tool that helps organization create digital processes within a few hours or even minutes using machine learning that knows how to scan all the manual communication that is now been done by the organization with its customers. For example, if I want to buy an insurance, a life insurance and the organization that the insurance company will probably asked me to fill some kind of a form and then send it to them. And then someone over there without the data inside the internal system so we know how to take it converted into a digital process and sends the data directly into the internal systems.

[03:46] Joe: which saves the insurance company time and work. Because it goes fast and nobody, they don’t have to hire someone to type all that stuff. Right?

[03:55] Meirav: So regarding the insights, we can provide the organization with the information. How many customer and finish the process, how many turn, where did they turn, when did they left? We can specifically tell the organization you have an issue with this field on page three. Something is not working over there and we can also provide them with alternative solutions. We can tell him, okay, maybe if it`s young person under 18, just ask him first to upload attachments and data and then for his details. And if it’s an elderly, make it different in a different way. So this is the idea in general.

[04:39] Joe: So basically you can kind of pinpoint the breaking point of your acquisition funnel. So basically where all the clients come in, that’s acquisition funnel and you can then pinpoint where the problem is.

[04:52] Meirav: .Exactly. So the organization, it’s always in a/b testing that are happening simultaneously and then the organization can improve its process on the fly

[05:05] Joe: And a/b testing is meaning you do a, you see the results, you tests again at B and see the results. It sounds so easy but it’s so horribly difficult. Who are your main customers?

[05:17] Meirav: So I’m currently, we are really successful in the financial area with banks and the insurance company. Actually we are an Israeli based startup company. And the majority of our customers are coming from that area. And I believe that 95 percent of the Israeli insurance company is asset management companies are our customer. But we also have customers from other industries like telecommunications and high tech companies. But we are focusing on the financial and insurance companies since we have better knowledge there, regarding their needs regarding the problems. Regarding the relevant use cases. So we know how to speak their language and this is the reason that we are focusing on that area.

[06:07] Joe: Concerning your tool, Easy Send. How much time on average, like does your clients, meaning not the clients of the insurance company, but for example the banks or insurance company, how much time do they actually safe?

[06:22] Meirav: So the biggest, one of the biggest advantages in using our platform is the time to market. Since you can have an online process on production within few hours. So currently the same process approximately would take you four months. And in the maintenance issue is, is a big issue once you’re not using the platform. So using a platform, the maintenance is not an issue anymore.

[06:53] Joe: And when I was going through your website, I was basically thinking, okay, customer service, yeah; it really makes sense to apply there. Are there other areas where you can apply you tool as well?

[07:04] Meirav: Yeah. So you are correct customer experience and customer service is the best place to start. But of course also the operational department benefits from using our customer. Because no one needs to type the data and the data accuracy is very high. And also marketing department can take the data and that we provide them the insight and can create better online marketing. And also HR departments can use our product for internal processes. But the biggest, our best customers will always be the customer service because they are the ones that are currently dealing with the pain and with the issue of paperwork and that stuff.

[07:53] Joe: And for the people working in customer service, it’s not very entertaining always to get like the paper based stuff. And then type it in there and mistakes and all this stuff.

[08:04] Meirav: Actually this is how this started. Two of the founders we’re students and we’re customer representative in one of the asset management companies in Israel. And they got really upset because of the inefficient way of working the paperwork and then the customers were unsatisfied. So they decided to do something about it. And this is how it started.

[08:29] Joe: That is pretty good. You do have a lot of information in your tool. Where do you store it? It’s always a big question for banks and insurance companies.

[08:38] Meirav: Yeah. So we have got GDPR compliance. We don’t store the data. We have several ways of installation. We can use a private cloud or use a on premise installation. And we also have an option for a hybrid solution and that will probably fit the German market. So we do not keep the data. The organization keeps the data. We are Joe: just the tool that let the data transform from one point to another.

[09:13] Joe: What are you looking for here in lovely Frankfurt?

[09:17] Meirav: It is lovely.

[09:23] Joe: I didn`t prompt her to say that.

[09:24] Meirav: So we are actually looking for opportunities to go into the, to penetrate into the German market. We are looking for banks and insurance companies that are willing to enter the digital age and be there. And they think that the most important thing to understand that this is not a huge decision to make. You’re not buying a CRM system or ERP system that okay, you need to think about it a lot and spend a lot of money. This is really simple tool to implement with and a positive ROI to prove immediately. So it’s not such a huge decision and we’re are looking for insurance companies, banks, asset management companies and also partnerships.

[10:11] Joe: And just as a closing question, how do you like Frankfurt so far?

[10:17] Meirav: I really like it although the weather is not that.

[10:23] Joe: Well looking outside you could nicely say we have typical London weather today.

[10:29] Meirav: It looks more like London, but I really like it. The people here are really warm and open, open minded. And always willing and they understand that they need to be there. They need to be in the innovative side of things. And thank you very much Frankfurt.

[10:49] Joe: One more question, just to poke you a little bit. Did you get used to apple wine. The wine out of apple that they provide here? No, not yet.

[11:02] Meirav: Sorry. Promise that on my next visit. I will check that out.

[11:06] Joe: Okay. Thank you.

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