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Evan network brings heavy machinery on the blockchain

Evan network enables companies to get their heavy machinery (think large construction machines like building cranes) on the blockchain. With this, the management of their machines becomes much easier, as well as renting them out. Evan Networks is currently in the fund-raising phase of a traditional VC round.

I’m pitching here because we currently are in our financing round and we are looking for investors who invest in our ideas and our solution. The solution is not only an idea, but it’s also up and running. We have productive solutions on our platform …

In this interview, we talk to Thomas Mueller (not the world cup winning soccer player) https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasxmueller/, but he is even better since he is CEO of Evan Network (https://evan.network/).

Evan Network is also the winner of the Blockchain Startup Summit pitch competition, which took place on Nov 15th at Frankfurt School of Management and Finance (https://www.frankfurt-school.de/), in cooperation with EU-Startups (https://www.eu-startups.com/) and us (https://www.startuprad.io/) as media partner. Thomas almost missed his award, since we interviewed him.

Our case is not to provide all the small sensors with an identity because the purpose of the Evan network is to provide a platform to run transactions between machines or companies, humans and machines.

You can see how happy he was after winning here on our Instagram account




Host: [00:00:06] Welcome to startuprad.io, your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup scene with news, interviews and live events.

Joe: [00:00:19] Hello and welcome everybody. This is Joe from startuprad.io, your startup podcast and YouTube blog in English from Germany. I’m here at the Frankfurt School of Management and Finance at blockchain startup summit. You may be able to hear a little bit of noise in the back, but I do have someone here, Thomas Mueller, not the soccer player, unfortunately.

Thomas: [00:00:41] No.

Joe: [00:00:41] No. No number thirteen?

Thomas: [00:00:43] No.

Joe: [00:00:44] No, but you’re still doing pretty cool stuff. But most likely you’re never going to win the soccer World Cup.

Thomas: [00:00:51] Definitely not. No.

Joe: [00:00:53] Okay. So, what else are you good at? What does your company do?

Thomas: [00:00:57] Yeah, my company. Yes, I’m Thomas, I’m the CEO of Evan and we are the initiators of Evan network and Evan network is a cross-industry blockchain, operated by its stakeholders. It’s a public permission blockchain where everybody, every industry, every company can provide digital twins for their assets, like machines. We have interesting projects in the construction machine sector and this is what we do.

Joe: [00:01:28] He explained the idea to me before, because otherwise, I could not tell. So, a public blockchain is everybody can look into it, permission?

Thomas: [00:01:35] Everybody can use the network, but we have so-called authority notes who provide the blockchain itself. So, you need a registered authority note provider. And authority notes are companies from various industries who operate a blockchain itself. So, it’s permission in kinds of transaction signage but it’s public in kinds of use the network.

Joe: [00:01:59] So, basically, notes are verifying a transaction, that is the signage.

Thomas: [00:02:05] This is the signage of transactions. And this is done by authority notes which are contracted.

Joe: [00:02:11] I think we are getting this very dumped down at the end., even a lawyer might understand it. And you’ve been talking about twins, so that means as you said before everything in the internet of things you can give an ID.

Thomas: [00:02:29] Yes, this is exactly the case. This is the core concept of the Evan network that all assets especially things, machines get unified identities and these identities can be used to interact between the assets and also interact between assets and humans or organizations. That’s the concept behind Evan network.

Joe: [00:02:50] Okay. And when we talked before, I do understand it only makes sense for like big machines, like a digging machine, like building machines.

Thomas: [00:02:59] This is our case. Our case is not to provide all the small sensors with an identity because the purpose of the Evan network is to provide a platform to run transactions between machines or companies, humans and machines. That’s why our target is to equip heavy machines, this could be construction machines, but it could also be production machines, whatever, with digital identities and let them participate in business transactions directly without human intervention.

Joe: [00:03:37] And that’s a thing because you made a very good case when we were talking about those big building machines like heavy diggers or something like this. What can they do when they have this digital identity? What Are you enabling with the Evan network for them?

Thomas: [00:03:55] Yes. In this special customer case, we have these machine rental companies who cooperate together to provide solutions for their customers. So, if a customer, for instance, wants to rent a machine and a rental partner doesn’t have this machine available then he has to ask his partner network which of his partners has the machine available. And this is done today in a very manual way. We have to phone the partners, we have to write e-mails and so on and so on.

Joe: [00:04:23] And maybe the people you’re phoning then have to get up you look out in the machine park, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s there.

Thomas: [00:04:29] Or in the system where all the machine information is in.

Joe: [00:04:32] And hope it’s up to date.

Thomas: [00:04:35] Okay. That’s necessary, yes. And in our case what we do is we equip these machines with digital twins and these digital twins keeps information about what is it for a machine and also the information about in which status the machine is in. So, it’s in the maintenance mode or it’s already rented for a specific period or it’s free and available in the specific period. And now you can ask the rental company which has a request to rent a machine. You can ask the network itself which of your partners have a machine available and the digital twin of the machine answers directly to this request. And you can close a rental contract between the partners and then you can use this contract to invite logistics companies, for instance, to pick up the machine and deliver the machine to the customer and all the process is done in a completely digital way. You can document the pickup process to make sure that the status of the machine, there are no damages to the machine and so on. And all this is done around this digital twin, it’s done via smart contracts.

Joe: [00:05:45] And the damages, just getting an idea how I would use it and there is a heavy digging machine, for example, how would you be able to tell if it has any damages or not? Are there sensors on it that tells you?

Thomas: [00:06:00] No, no. This is very easily done because the person who picks up the machine has a mobile app, a mobile Evan network app and with this app, he has all the details of the rental contract. And then he can take a photo documentation of the machine at the moment he picks up the machine and at the moment he delivers the machine to a customer. And this information is stored and immutable in this contract and so it could be used for insurance cases for reclaimed, management and so on.

Joe: [00:06:31] Yeah. You can tell that the car did not always come with three wheels, it used to have four.

Thomas: [00:06:39] Yes.

Joe: [00:06:41] Ok, I understand. And what are you looking for right now here? Why are you here pitching?

Thomas: [00:06:47] I’m pitching here because we currently are in our financing round and we are looking for investors who invest in our ideas and our solution. The solution is not only an idea, but it’s also up and running. We have productive solutions on our platform, but we plan to grow the network in an international manner and that’s why we need additional funding, that’s why I’m here?

Joe: [00:07:09] And you’re looking for traditional VC money, ICO money, what are you looking for?

Thomas: [00:07:13] In the current round, because we are a very focused industry and we want to let the industry partners participate in the success of the network. That’s why in further stages we plan also a token sale. But in the current stage, we plan a traditional VC financing.

Joe: [00:07:32] Ok. Every VC who’s out there, go down here in the show notes, there’s his LinkedIn profile, Thomas Mueller, not the soccer player as well as a link to your company profile and website. Thank you very much. It was so much my pleasure even though you’re not the famous guy.

Thomas: [00:07:51] Bye.

Host: [00:07:57] That’s all folks. Find more news, streams, events, and interviews at www. startuprad.io. Remember sharing is caring.

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