In this interview, we talk to Cederic Monnier ( at the Blockchain Startup Summit in Frankfurt. Cederic is CEO at (, which wants to promote independent video content, using a blockchain to distribute proceeds. Cederic wants to promote content, which is not available on big streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon. was one of the contesters of the Blockchain Startup Summit pitch competition, which took at Frankfurt School of Management and Finance.


00:06 Announcer: Welcome to Your podcast and YouTube blog. Covering the German startup scene with news, interviews and live events.

00:20 Joe: Hello and welcome everybody. This is Joe from Your startup podcasts and YouTube blog from Germany. Today I do have Cedric with me who has a startup .and as you can hear from the background noise and can tell from the background, I’m still at the Frankfurt school at the blockchain startup summit. Actually, it’s like a premier; it’s a world exclusive because you’re the first startup from Paris. That’s actually in my YouTube blog this year, so welcome.

00:57 Cedric: Thank you. Thank you. I am much honored.

00:57 Joe: Cedric. Welcome. Can you tell us a little bit about why you’re here? Well, we want to talk about what’s your startup? What does it do?

01:01 Cedric: Okay, so I’m here because we were invited and selected by this event to pitch our company which is called Ikast. So in a nutshell, I don’t know if you are a subscriber of Netflix. Are you?

01:16 Joe: Yes, I am.

01:17 Cedric: Okay. Like a lot and a lot of people now in Europe, it’s a very good thing for Netflix. Obviously. It’s a little bit less good for the people who are making contents because it’s more and more difficult in Europe to get your contents. And I am speaking about TV series cartoon documentaries watched. Why? Because you’re not on Netflix. So how do you do? Where is our culture now? So this is something that we tried to change and so we are building a company and we’re building a service which is called Ikast. Where we try to solve that by bringing transparency and a lot of information about what is really happening on the video platforms. And to be sure that if you are one of these content producers like you were already, that we can really control that everything happening on the new platforms is right.

02:09 Cedric: So you can be paid back correctly because this is not anymore a middleman like Netflix, whatever. But somebody which is the blockchain, you can’t fake it. You can check it, which is really controlling what’s happening.

02:23 Joe: So in a nutshell, you’re going to break Netflix with a Blockchain?

02:28 Cedric: Something like that, something like that.

02:31 Joe: I like that approach.

02:31 Cedric: In fact, we want to bring fairness and transparency in an industry. I’ve been working in this industry for more than 20 years now. It’s like a black box. You don’t know what’s happening. You get sometimes some money as a content producer; you have no way to know if it’s right or not. You just have to believe these people.

02:50 Joe: It’s the same when I see on my YouTube account. I had so many thousand clicks. And for this, they pay me something like a euro.

02:57 Cedric: Exactly.

02:58 Joe: Yeah.

02:58 Cedric: And you get.

03:00 Joe: There’s no other chance.

03:01 Cedric: That’s right. That’s a problem. So with the blockchain.

03:05 Joe: I understand your problem. Yeah.

03:07 Cedric: That’s a good start. That’s a good start. So this is how we can put transparency and fairness in this industry. And then we will like to give more opportunities for all contents from Europe to be watched and then to be paid.

03:22 Joe: Like, I don’t know what’s the English name, but I remember one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. It’s a German translation. A literal translation would be “Welcome to the Sticks

03:36 Cedric: Yes.

03:37 Joe: Yeah.

03:37 Cedric: 03:37 inaudible in French?

03:41 Joe: Yeah. It’s amazing. I love this movie. L

03:44 Cedric: It’s hilarious. But you know in fact, it’s a very serious topic. Because in Europe currently, you have morals and 6 million hours of contents, very good contents. So that you can’t watch anymore because you can find it. This is our culture. It`s vanished. So with our system, we want to be sure that you can put that on the screen. You can control how it works and you can be paid. And also you can give some rewards to people. So we have what we call a blockchain token. Which is a reward for people, if you watch something on my platforms, my video platforms; you get some rewards as a token. It’s every time you watch you gain is better than the lotto, the lottery. So with this, you can watch more and more than you need to get more than you are going to source more all contents that you can’t find. That’s why we try to rebuild this economy, which is really taking care of the content producers and the happiness of the end user at the end. It’s such a core idea and can`t work without something, which is you can’t fake it.

04:55 Cedric: You can change it Aka a blockchain technology.

04:58 Joe: Okay. And one question because what happens when an error gets into the blockchain?

05:06 Cedric: Am sorry?

05:07 Joe: What’s happening when an error gets into the blockchain?

05:09 Cedric: An error? What do you mean?

05:11 Joe: Something like too many fuses.

05:13 Cedric: It’s never a problem.

05:15 Joe: Okay.

05:16 Cedric: It’s never a problem. The core principle is if there is a view. First of all, this is burned into blockchain meaning, and this is public. This is a public blockchain, meaning everybody can see that. So you know you have the data. First time in this industry is that the data goes public.

05:34 Joe: So basically you could also make up some charts.

05:37 Cedric: Absolutely.

05:39 Joe: What people are in France and Belgium in Germany, in Italy, in Denmark are actually interested in.

05:46 Cedric: You’re very right because all these data are going public. It means we’re working with institutions in different countries in Europe. Seeing how we can have a data so we can build dashboards. Rewards, whatever. What is the footprint of a, I don’t know, it’s a French movie in Germany and vice versa. You have the data.

06:07 Joe: Most people when you ask them in Germany, they’ll only know the shitty movie or a Louis de Funes. Yeah, that’s it.

06:16 Cedric: Yeah, I know its 10 years to 35 years ago what you are mentioning. Which is a drama because we do better or different things now. And this is the same, harnessing friends. If I’m talking about a German-based content and we’ll talk to you about Derek. Do you remember Derrick?

06:37 Joe: Yeah a long time ago.

06:37 Cedric: I also think it’s quite very long.

06:39 Joe: So it’s something like a German version of what will be out there like Colombo. Most US version of Colombo.

06:48 Cedric: Yeah, exactly. And this is also; it’s a tremor because there are so many more things that we don’t know because you can’t find it on the Netflix of the world and this kind of things. So if you can help to get this content available for everybody. And the content producer behind paid back fairly when it’s watched. Then you rebuild an economy, which is based on local contents. Very good. Going global. Okay. That’s our challenge.

07:17 Joe: And that’s what I understand. What are you looking for here today at this event?

07:24 Cedric: In any kind of event, we’re looking for two things. So the first one is we need to support people in many countries. We are a European based company. We want to push back the Europe front. So we need the support of every country. We have a board of advisors who are very nice people and some people coming from a lot of different countries. We have France, we have the UK, we have Belgium, Italy, and we need Germany. Any German listening to us, please join us. Because we need most of the work. You know, we need people understanding that there is this system that belongs to nobody. It’s blockchain, which is putting back European culture. We want it to be good again. And that’s what we try to do here first is to be known obviously.

08:17 Cedric: And second we try, we are currently in the funding process. So obviously because you have some investors in this kind of events, we won’t try to talk to them to explain what we tried to do. And maybe they can help us to supporters and funders.

08:35 Joe: Okay and everybody who will be interested in getting to know you and Go down here in the show notes. There will be a link to your LinkedIn profile as well as to the company website.

08:48 Cedric: Thank you so much.

08:49 Joe: Thank you. It was a pleasure.

08:52 Cedric: Danke Schoen

08:59 Announcer: That’s all folks. Find more news, streams, events, and interviews at Remember sharing is caring.