2018 marks the first year we are covering completely with our initiative RhineMain.vc. The idea behind the project is to aggregate inbound venture capital in order to make Rhine-Main more visible in the world of venture capital. Therefore, we have been more than happy to see 70 million Euros raised in funding in the first half of 2018 (73,38 mn Euros to be precise). This equals to approx 85 million US$. Traditionally the H2 is stronger in terms of VC funding, so we are very excited and expect to crack the 100 mn Euros mark.

Venture Capital

The largest block we have been tracking contains traditional venture capital, either invested by funds or individuals (Business Angels). In total, €38,4 Million Euros have been raised. We tracked 10 transactions, statistically each averaging 3,8 m Euros. As every VC knows there is quite a large variation in the numbers. Seven of those investments have been (as to be expected with Frankfurt) in the fintech space (including Proptech and Insurtech). The other three spread out over different fields including MedTech and IoT.

Initial Coin Offering

The instrument of an ICO was introduced to Rhine-Main on a large scale by the fintech savedroid, which reportedly raised at least 35 mn Euros (depending on sources much more) with their ICO. Admittedly Mainz-based Brainbot (one of the developers of Ethereum) has been first, with their Raiden Network Token sale but they conducted their ICO in the fall of 2017.

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Joern Menninger, initiator and co-founder RhineMain.vc, founder and host of startuprad.io