enables even the worst painters to make an animated short story

The Interview

In this interview, Joe talks to Uli Seis (, founder of Mitmalfilm ( He is a professional animator and painter and he enables his project children from 4 to 7 to draw their own animated movie in a combination of coloring book and app.  Learn more in the interview.

“We want to find a publisher for our coloring books”

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Here is a little overview of Mitmalfilm

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Introduction: Welcome to, your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup scene with news interviews and live events.

Joe: Welcome everybody. This is Joe from, your startup podcast and YouTube blog from Germany. This time I have my fourth interview from the content shift accelerator here from book fair in Frankfurt. I hope you don’t hear the background noise too much. There’s just another guy talking here and unfortunately he has loud speakers and we don’t. Hey, welcome.

Uli Seis: Thanks for having me.

Joe: You’re very welcome and you already brought stuff. Everybody who’s listening to this audio interview, make sure you click the link down in the show notes. There is a link to the YouTube interview because we are now showing a little bit off the stuff you brought with you. Basically you have two college docs with you more or less. Can you tell us what this has to do with what you guys are actually doing because it’s called Mtmalfilm, my friends open paint along movies, something like this would be a little translation. Can you tell us what this is, what it means, how it works and who’s your target group?

Uli Seis: Yes. So what we’re doing is basically a coloring book that’s these college blocks that you can paint yourself with real crayons with real pencils and once you’re finished you can take a tablet or a phone with our app. You can take a picture from your painting and the app will integrate your drawing into a professionally produced animation film. So you see how a real cartoon takes place in your paintings and it’s for children, obviously. It’s for four to seven year olds.

Joe: And also from 40 to 70, right?

Uli Seis: Yes, of course. We have good experiences with older people as well.

Joe: Yeah. I think that there are even painting books for adults. It helps you calm down, right? Painting books for adults.

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: So basically you provide like one background picture and the children can paint it like a purple clouds or something or grass and then this movie will take place in their background setting.

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: And I assume it will be very short movie.

Uli Seis: Yes. This one is our pilot episode and to have an easy entry to how it works, this one works with one background painting only, but there are films that are longer that have more paintings that you need to draw.

Joe: So I would assume from my background, every scene has a different background.

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: As many backgrounds as your painting drawing, the more scenes it can have.

Uli Seis: Exactly. Yes. That’s basically how it works. Since Walt Disney times, for every shot of, for every scene you need one background. There are a few tricks that you can do that we do as well. So we can squeeze out a few more shots out of one background. We have a little framing here in a little frame that sometimes you have a closeup in your film and you can use the same background for the long shot and for the closeup. It’s the same magic that animation producers have done for decades and it’s the same thing that children can experience with our product. They do the same trick as the big animation producers.

Joe: Is there a real need to do it once physically or would it be also possible just to paint it in the app?

Uli Seis: That’s a good question.

Joe: Thank you. I like to give good questions.

Uli Seis: Yes. So we deliberately decided that it should be painted with real crayons on real paper because I think the nice thing about it is for children to have this transition, they paint something on a simple sheet of paper, something physical that they can touch and with a little trick from our app, it becomes a credible world, a real film takes place in and you really get drawn into the film. What you draw as a child becomes believable and the magic trick is it’s better when you have this transition between the physical world and the movie word. And of course the drawing and painting works much better not only for children, still on real paper.

Joe: And the age range is like four to seven, but I assume they can be up and down.

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: Yes. Is your product already in production?

Uli Seis: It is in production. Our background is we are animation producers and that is where the idea comes from and the animation production has started right now, we have one pilot episode ready and we are working on nine more films that will be done within a year approximately and we hope to have it on sale for Christmas 2020 basically.

Joe: So you guys, your specialty like is the trick movie in the front?

Uli Seis: Yeah the animation film, that is our professional, that’s where we come from.

Joe: And you actually studied this?

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: And you can paint very well?

Uli Seis: Yes I draw all that stuff, like the little sheep and the little red that’s on me.

Joe: That’s quite impressive because I can also draw, but I need to write next to it what it’s supposed to be.

Uli Seis: Mitmalfilms is a good product for you because it doesn’t really matter how good or bad your drawing skills are developed because whatever you draw it will always look like a professional animation film. It has proper opening credits. It has a nice film squad, it has good sound. The characters, the animation is always on a professional level. Only the backgrounds can be better or worse depending on your skills.

Joe: I have to admit, I’m very impressed with your painting and drawing skills pretty much here. You guys have actually made it with let’s say an app and a painting book into content shift. Usually everybody associates it with like novels or scientific journals. What did it bring for you and why did you apply?

Uli Seis: Our background is from animation production and for the app development we have a good partner to do that but our decision was that we wanted to monetize the product through book sales. So the app is for free. We make money by selling books and our basic mission is still to find a publisher who wants to publish our coloring books.

Joe: I see. You ha you have not found one yet?

Uli Seis: Nope.

Joe: Nope. Okay. For everybody who’d like to do the coloring books, you can go down here in the show notes. There’s a link to your website, mitmalfilm, a link to your LinkedIn profile as well as a link to the content shift accelerator program. We will now show a little bit in one of the cameras a little bit about the paint along movie what you’ve shown us. Okay?

Uli Seis: Yes.

Joe: Was a pleasure having you.

Uli Seis: Thanks for having me.

Joe: Thank you.

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