In this video interview, we are talking to Carolina Yeo (, Founder of ( My career and child is a virtual community to help women and men achieve the next steps in their careers with coping family and career. The program already works with many household names in the German corporate space, but it is a virtual program and therefore the program is global.

The video interview was recorded at SAP next-gen stage at Entrepreneur University in Wiesbaden, Germany. Thank you to SAP Next-Gen for providing us space.

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Transcript Below

Narrator: Welcome to, your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup scene. With news, interviews and live events.

Joe: Hello and welcome everybody, this is Joe from, your startup podcast and YouTube blog from Germany. Maybe you can hear a little bit of the background sound. There is a very simple reason. I’m at Entrepreneurial University here in Wiesbaden which is the capital of the state of Hesse in Germany and I have a guest here. Hey, welcome.

Caroline: Thank you. Thanks for inviting me.

Joe: Can you tell our viewers who are you and what are you doing?

Caroline: My name is Caroline and I come from Singapore originally and I have spent the last five years in Germany, and we are looking into a program to help women return to work. I’m working very closely with companies for the career relaunch so we have quite a few entrants from both the community, we have more than around 500 now that are interested in joining us and also companies that are interested in helping the employees find the passion to relaunch themselves and personal branding is a very important piece as well.

So, we’re working with companies and organizations such as [inaudible 00:01:22] Business School. We will do a workshop with Boehringer Ingelheim, the leadership teams. And the idea is that everyone at a mid-career point feels a bit lost. So, did I. I took a break when I had my kids and that’s how this program came about. We are a group of six people. Rita and Margaret as well and we are interested in helping solve this huge pain point.

Joe: How does your program work?

Caroline: ‘My career and child’ is a virtual community so where people from different countries, including a lot of them from Germany obviously, because we’re here, but from Germany, Iceland even Latin America, Brazil. The idea is that we provide a coaching program virtually or when they’re here, we do it face to face. But at the same time also work with companies for three to six-month mentorship programs so it provides a soft landing. We’re very happy and grateful to be invited by SAP to pitch this idea today at Entrepreneurship University because I think it’s an idea that has mainly taken of far more than you would expect.

Joe: People cannot see it but we’re inside SAP next-generation booth. Thank you very much for providing us with space. And how does your program work what does it do?

Caroline: So, women will come. We also have men in our programs as well. We take them through a step-by-step methodology. So, we interviewed many different individuals to find out what the biggest challenges are, and the biggest challenge usually is about confidence. So, we take them through a methodology that we call ‘the three C’s. First, we clarify what are the next career steps that they want to look forward to, also what are the challenges they face in combining it with family for example and then how they can create a personal brand and personal career action plan and then the third ‘C’ is how they can connect with their board of directors and career [inaudible 00:03:28]

So, with this methodology, a lot of our customers walk away feeling a lot more positive, a lot more empowered. They have a lot more ideas about the roles that they can take on and opportunities. So, we are both entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

Joe: As you told me before, you’re not originally from Germany, you’re from Singapore. I was asking you if it was a German thing and you said, ‘no. It’s a global program.’

Caroline: It’s a global program. It’s a global issue. With all the interviews that we did before we launched this community to understand this challenge, we realized that it’s a generic issue, whether men or women. At some point, after a few years, our participants are usually with 8-10 years’ experience. You also reach a point where you start to think “What do I want to do to make a better impact on the world.”

And at the SAP stage, you already see that they also brought in the SEG17 goals and that is also incorporated into our program because we all want to create meaning. And this is regardless of whether you’re German, Singaporean, Brazilian, American. It doesn’t matter. And that’s why it’s important to have this connection with this global community because we’re now global citizens.

Joe: Everybody. All the other global citizens who want to learn more. Go down here in the show notes. You’ll find a link to learn more about your program and you.

Caroline: Yes. We look forward to having you.

Joe: Thank You

Caroline: Thanks.

Narrator: That’s all folks. Find more news and streams, events and interviews at Remember sharing is caring.