I am writing this blog-post to help with an old problem of the Rhine-Main startup scene. They are very good at building great B2B companies, but really bad at talking about how good they really and truly are! There are a few smaller blogs and podcasts here, which talk (partly) about what is going on in the local scene, but there is a large media outlet lacking, which gives transparency. This may be part of the reason national and international recognition for the Rhine-Main startup scene is lacking.

Therefore one has to meet people, talk to them, and/or dig deep to find relevant media outlets. I wanted to change that, so I started … asking people and digging deep. I am a podcaster covering the local startup scene for almost 7 years, but I still have learned a lot here. So if I missed any blog/podcast/outlet, please feel free to let me know. Note: I excluded all podcasts/blogs/YouTube channels by local startups since there will be another post covering them (yes, you can mail me about them already).


Thank you to all the people who have contributed to this article with their knowledge, including Alipasha from HalloFrankfurt, Alex from Startup Kitchen, Pedro from Frankfurt Valley, Andreas from and Max from


Blogs / In English

  • Frankfurt Valley (not really a blog, since they don’t have a website, but the team is running an Instagram account, working it as a kind of blog with local news and local events). LINK (Pedro, who works behind the scenes at is the initiator)
  • is a blog, which collects fundraising data from across the larger Rhine-Main Region and publishes them as an inbound VC index in quarterly posts. LINK (The author initiated the blog and writes the quarterly posts) and you can subscribe to the blog posts directly in medium here: 

Blogs / A mix of English and German

  • Station Frankfurt, the blog has a long history as the first – and for a long time only – startup blog for the regional startup scene. It used to be called Rhein-Main-Startups. Paul, the founder then decided to merge it with Startup Safari FRM and Fuck Up Night FRM to form Station Frankfurt, which maintains a locally important blog. LINK (The author is a guest poster there) (You could also count Paul as one of the early fathers of the local startup scene). Currently, Caro from Startup Safari (see below) is the public face of the blog, where she is doing a great job. Keep going, girl!
  • HalloFrankfurt was started by Alipasha (one of the early fathers of the Rhine-Main startup scene) and aims to blog about everything that is not covered by other blogs or media outlets LINK (The author is a guest poster there)
  • Gründerhub Frankfurt/Rhein-Main was originally started by Mario Hachemer (also one of the fathers of the Rhine-Main Startup Scene). It is not really a blog, it is rather a meta-blog. They aggregate news sources related to the larger startup scene on Twitter and Facebook. (The author helps to feed relevant content in those social media channels)
    • Some background information here: It was intended to be – you guessed it – the hub for startup entrepreneurs in the region. Unfortunately in 2013, this initiative fell on deaf ears. The memories of the devastating Neuer Markt time may have been a bit too fresh in Frankfurt. On the other hand, this may have gotten Frankfurt’s startup scene quite a boost early on.
  • Startup Mannheim is a startup blog in German and English for the region around the city of Mannheim (80 km to the south of Frankfurt). The city of Mannheim has a great history of innovation, the first dandy horse, the first automobile, the first electric elevator, and the first tractor (Lanz Bulldog) saw the light of day in this city. LINK

Blogs / In German

  • Best practice business is a blog started by Burkhard Schneider. Burkhard started his blog back in 2005. So, he is very experienced and his blog is frequented by journalists of Germany’s top media outlets when they are looking for new ideas. Burkhard has already been a VC manager at the time of the Dot-Com-Boom. You can find his German blog here LINK
  • Für Gründer was started in 2010 by Rene Klein. He has since grown his audience considerably and 2014 FAZ (one of Germany’s leading newspapers, headquartered in Frankfurt) bought a stake in the company. The blog focuses more on general topics of entrepreneurship and is not exclusively covering Frankfurt or startups. This is more of a “how-to-blog” LINK
  • Gründerküche is run by a broad team, they are also focused on general entrepreneurship topics. LINK They also have special sections where they focus on founders and founding in certain cities. One of their focal points is Mainz (LINK)
  • Startup Weekend Mittelhessen, yes, formally a startup weekend, but they keep working and share on social media quite a lot of content related to startups and entrepreneurship in the middle and north of the state of Hessen (Giessen and Marburg) (FACEBOOK, LINK)
    • They are also looking to hold a startup weekend from November 6th to November 8th, 2020 (as of writing this blog in May 2020). Fingers crossed they can go ahead with it.
  • Merkurist, a startup itself, with a local newspaper like content, which also covers startups from time to time. They focus on Mainz and Wiesbaden with their regional reporting (LINK)
  • Tomas Herzberger is a cornerstone of the early Frankfurt startup scene and a marketing consultant. He helps out many startups and corporates with his skills and shares some of the insights on his blog (growth hacking, storytelling, ….) LINK
  • HR Talk a German blog, focusing on employer branding, especially for Generation Z, located north of Frankfurt and also talks to regional companies LINK
  • TechnologieZentrum Mainz (TZM) is an initiative in the city of Mainz and writes, as well as shares content from there LINK they usually share news on their Facebook channel. They help new entrepreneurs in their fist steps.
  • Gutenberg Digital Hub is also located in Mainz and is a physical place where founders can meet and startups get their first office. They are located in a very nice, former harbor, directly at the river LINK
  • Konii is a real estate blog with more than 8.000 members, headquartered in Frankfurt. There is a dedicated section for proptech startups as well, which are also covered on a regular basis. Not all of the covered proptechs are from Frankfurt, but proptech becomes more important for the local startup scene LINK
  • Heimathafen Wiesbaden is formally a co-working space, but acts more like the heart of Wiesbaden’s startup scene. They have a lot of regular events and share some content on social media LINK
  • is a blog and podcast covering local news in and around the city of Mannheim. They also cover freelancers and startups on occasions LINK



Podcasts / In English, well guys, you are on our blog, so have a look around.

Podcasts / In German

  • Startup Fever (the host Elmir lives in Rhine-Main) is a relatively new podcast, it is active since 2020. The host talks in German to founders, authors, and so on. You can learn more via this LINK 
  • Podcast from Commerzbank’s early-stage investor main incubator LINK
  • Startup from Science: Bartosz form University of Heidelberg talks in German to scientists who are changing careers to become entrepreneurs LINK
  • Hebelzeit was a podcast run by Video Marketing and YouTube expert Alex Boerger from Mainz. It was only maintained in 2017 (maybe there will be new episodes), but you can still find them and all the content from it online (e.g. here in iTunes)
  • also runs a German podcst, where they focus on freelancers and startups. (Spotify)
  • Connecting Dots Podcast is a Frankfurt-based podcast. It is also a new kid on the blog (sorry, for the bad wordplay here). The first episode went live in September 2019. The podcast is last because it does not specifically cover the startup scene, but it talks to entrepreneurs as well. They provide content in Englis as well. LINK
  • Also, there used to be a German podcast, from which was spun off, called There is still an audio archive available via this LINK note that the latest episodes dating back to 2017 and the first ones to 2012.

YouTube Blogs / German

Startup Kitchen was set up to the north of Frankfurt and focuses on that area (Mittelhessen) with its entrepreneurship activities. The founders are active in the regional startup scene and the Vlog is more of a how-to-blog YouTube Channel


YouTube Blogs / English also runs a YouTube Channel LINK


Startup Guide Frankfurt, the local edition of the global Startup Guide Franchise LINK (the author is a member of the Frankfurt Advisory Board)

Other Noteworthy Hints and Links

Startup Digest Frankfurt / Rhein-Main

Yes, there is also a Startup Digest available in Rhine-Main. Since it is run by two ex-pats (keep going guys, you are doing a great job!) there is also plenty of English content (if available) LINK  (surprisingly the author has nothing to do with that …. ah, you did not see that coming, right? 🙂 )


  • Usability Testessen is an event made in Rhine-Main. The idea is to enable people to test the usability of their app, website, or tool. The tester are compensated by free beer and pizza. You can learn more about the format here LINK 
  • Webmontag, is also an innovation made in Rhine-Main. It is basically one Monday a month, where the web and tech community meets, listens to presentations and networks. The whole idea was started in Frankfurt. Many people who play now important roles in the local startup scene used to belong to the organization team or are frequent visitors.
    • One can not finish such a paragraph or post without noting one special person. If the other mentioned people are something like the fathers of the current startup scene, Darren is surely the grandfather (really sorry Darren, but you are a bit ahead of all of us here 😉 ). One can not overestimate the role he played to make many things possible in Rhine-Main in bringing formats as Webmontag to live. He also played important roles in bringing to Frankfurt Startup Weekends (yes, plural) and formats like BarCamp.
    • Now there are several other cities with Webmontag formats. Some of the formats have live streams and extensive YouTube channels. Find them here:
      • Webmontag Frankfurt LINK
      • Webmontag Gießen LINK
      • Webmontag Darmstadt LINK
  • Startup Safari Frankfurt is another international format, happening on an annual basis in Frankfurt. Locally it is run by the Station Frankfurt team – see above for details. The Safari is headed by Caro (yes, the one from Station above as well). LINK

The Region Poster

Many people watching the remote interviews will have noticed the poster in the back. This is the product of the initiative Startup Region Frankfurt. You can learn more here and upload your logo to be part of the next edition LINK