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Frankfurt / Rhine-Main

Frankfurt-based sports startup, producing the Antelope Suite is in preliminary insolvency. They are known for having investors like Red Bull 

Startuprad_io interviews: 2019  2017 

The owners of software maker TeamViewer are planning a Frankfurt listing this year that could be the biggest German initial public offering for a technology company in nearly two decades. #Germany #StartupIPO #tech #techIPO #IPO

Rossmann, one of Germany’s leading drug store chains, buys 25.1% stake in Frankfurt-based AI Trendscout Swarm All long-time followers know our interview with the founder Peter Hart, when he started out with Dr. Severin, an aftershave for women. 

Seedtable put together a list of “100 Best Frankfurt Startups to Watch in 2019” including many interview partners. e.g. BITA, Clark, savedroid and awamo. Even was listed there.  

Fintech News CH (from Switzerland) points out, what many in Frankfurt already know: “Frankfurt is the place to mingle between the fintechs and the banks, and any kind of fintech company from any part of Germany come to Frankfurt whether they’re based in Berlin or Hamburg or Munich,”  – FintechNewsCH

Frankfurt-based cannabis startup Farmako kicked out its last CEO. How it has hired a new CEO, a woman Katrin Eckmans. She will manage what is left after one of the main investors split the company and took over its production of biosynthetischem CBD 

Frankfurt is included in the “Next 15 non-capital European cities ranked by the number and value of angel, seed & early-stage VC deals closed (13-18)” by, a publication of Financial Times.
Many successful startup hubs exist in tiny European towns | Siftedeu

Frankfurt-based Broker “Fintech Group” is up for sale. Interested parties include Goldman Sachs

Germany’s largest game developers and studios 2019 by German special interest publication
No1 is Blue Byte with a location in Mainz, No 3 Gameforge from Karlsruhe, No 4 Crytek from Frankfurt (known for the 3D engine behind many well-known ego shooters)

Iconic Lab, the ICO accelerator, turned blockchain VC, invests in Captain Bitcoin
They write on medium “Iconic Lab has invested into and seeded the crypto adoption platform, Captain Bitcoin. After generating substantial interest from the community and onboarding over 30,000 verified users in the first 30 days of its website existence, Captain Bitcoin is ready to finalize its MVP and put Bitcoin into the hands of its users by giving away $1,000 in BTC every day in return for users consuming content.

Goldman Ready to Invest More in German Fintechs, out of Frankfurt reports Bloomberg. They also state that they see the ecosystem in Frankfurt developing 

Bundesliga team 1 FSV Mainz05 now has a lounge for founders in cooperation with partners, where they can pitch their startup 

Greater Rhine-Main/Rhine Neckar Region

Volocopter reveals its first commercial aircraft, the VoloCity air taxi – TechCrunch


Venture Capital: Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP) raises 2nd #VentureCapital fund with 350 mn US$, focusing on #SaaS #startups. Adding in the process @ZEISS_Group and @SKtelecom as new corporate backers 


ScalableCapital, Germany’s largest #Roboadvisor raises 25 mn Euros in a Series C round 


Wirecard vs Financial Times

The Financial Times has been bashing Wirecard for some time and reports on February 7th on suspect transactions in Singapore. Later it turned out that short sellers knew about the article days before publication and so FT had to question their reporting, especially given the very small volume involved in the Singapore transactions. 

There is a good brief overview by Reuters: 


Wirecard sends a letter to „Financial Times“, to stop publishing articles and conduct an internal investigation. It appears #Wirecard got hold of an audio recording of #shortsellers discussing the unfavorable article days before FT publication


WSJ writes the FT hired a law firm to conduct a review of the Wirecard reporting:


No results are known yet, but this is quite interesting. Especially since FT had some problems with Wirecard reporting in the past, and they are not usually an outlet known for sloppy reporting


Check24 Attack 

We live in interesting times – Startupradio will keep you updated on this
Check24 used to be the top dog for #B2C #financialservices platform. Now Finleap is rolling out the challenger Joonko 



Mazda pulls the plug on its #carsharing joint venture with Deutsche Bahn, Lidl, and mobility provider Choice, headquartered in #Berlin


Food Delivery Wars

Europe’s food delivery wars are just beginning | by @amyrlewin on @Siftedeu

“It’s been a busy few weeks for Europe’s food delivery companies.

Just Eat and, the two veterans of the market, agreed a merger; the combined company is worth a whopping £9bn.

Uber Eats announced that it plans to start delivering grocery items too.

Deliveroo told customers it would be pulling out of Germany, acquired a Scottish software startup and announced plans to boost its tech team. And rumours swirled that both Uber and Deliveroo were eyeing up Spanish delivery startup Glovo for acquisition.

The battle over Europe’s stomachs is only just beginning, it seems.”


Chris recommendation from the New York Times Podcast: Why Uber Still Can’t Make a Profit


Fintechs in Germany

Out of approx. 800 #fintechs in Germany approx. 200 failed since 2017 (not including mergers and takeovers). This is quite a good quota, with close to 90% expected failure rate in #startups in general, I would have expected around 700. 

Most fintechs fail in their 3rd or 4th year of existence. 

It appears that B2C fintechs fail at a slightly higher rate.

Most failures are accounted for in the sub-sectors of financing (70), Proptech (52), Payments (29), Insurtechs (22), Investments (20), Crypto (11) 

Related: Penta

German Digital Bank Penta Gets Backing of Billion-Dollar Venture Fund 

Learn more about them here (we kept track of them since 2016):  

Related: Raising Fairr

Berlin-based FinTech Unicorn Raisin Acquires German Pension Startup Fairr | Coinspeaker


Fintechs in Switzerland

“Zurich-based fintech Numbrs whose investors include Josef Ackermann (former investment banker and CEO of Deutsche Bank) has raised” another VC round, turning it in a unicorn. The unicorn plans to expand in other countries  


Critical voices on Libra

How Facebook Raced to Build Libra Coin

The Social network quietly assembled a crypto team and courted partners for more than a year – The Financial Times


“default on its $82 billion sovereign debt was the largest the world had seen. Argentina’s failed policy, known as a currency board, is exactly what Facebook is trying to create with #Libra, …” 

“The classic time inconsistency problem, familiar to economists, emerges: no matter what Facebook says today, the incentives to break its promises once Libra takes off will be enormous.”

“What about the claim that #Libra would be a boon to financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries? Perhaps. But Libra may instead become a source of major headaches for them. Emerging economies have long been combating so-called dollarization: the tendency of residents to seek insurance by holding US dollar accounts in local banks and denominating contracts (including wage contracts) in dollars. Because dollarization keeps central banks from serving as lenders of last resort to domestic banks, it foments financial instability. It also renders monetary policy less effective by, for example, limiting the positive effect of currency depreciation on exports and employment.”

Cryptocurrencies have given rise to an entire new criminal industry, comprising unregulated offshore exchanges, paid propagandists, and an army of #scammers looking to fleece retail #investors ” by Nouriel Roubine (nicknamed Dr. Doom)  via Project Syndicate 

“This is not mere conjecture. Some of the biggest crypto players may be openly involved in systematic illegality. Consider BitMEX, an unregulated trillion-dollar exchange of crypto derivatives that is domiciled in the Seychelles but active globally. Its CEO, Arthur Hayes, boasted openly that the BitMEX business model involves peddling to “degenerate gamblers” (meaning clueless retail investors) crypto derivatives with 100-to-one leverage.”


Quantum Computing is coming

10 European startups cooling down the crazy world of #QuantumComputing | @EU_Startups including JoSQUANTUM from Frankfurt. HeiQuSim from Karlsruhe and kiutra from Munich

Private Health Insurance in Germany

“Heal Capital” is the name of the #VentureCapital fund, from the private German health insurers. They aim for 100 mn Euros. The fund will be managed by Berlin-based VCs Heartbeat Labs and Flying Health #insurtech #fintech #healthcare 


N26 launched in US: 

Published yesterday: Deutsche Bank stake lifts German fintech Deposit Solutions to €1bn valuation. Hamburg has a new unicorn, congratulations!  


RocketInternet Corner

IPO Global Fashion Group

RocketInternet’s Global Fashion Group (GFG) raised less than half the sum it had originally targeted in an initial public offering of new shares that drew weak investor demand and ended up being mostly backed by its existing shareholders 


The IPO of @home24_de did not go well so far. The share price lost 90% of its value, as compared to an almost stable DAX. Now @excomm starts to speculate who will buy the company with only 79 mn cash on it’s balance sheet.

HelloFresh Nears Zalando-Style Turning Point After First Profit by @StefanNicolaBBG on @business

Billion Dollar VC Fund
Reportedly Rocket Internet raised another #VentureCapital fund. This one with a volume of 1 bn US$ – Capital This time they are looking to invest in #Fintech, #B2B and #Software


Venture Capital

  • Raisin, Berlin-based savings and investment marketplace, said it had tapped investment bank Goldman Sachs for top-up funding as it joins other European fintech players in targeting the U.S. market 
    • Related: Raisin picks up $28M backing from Goldman Sachs for its savings and investment marketplace – TechCrunch
  • #Berlin-based Billie raises €30M for its B2B invoicing and payments platform 
  • Vienna-based Bitpanda launches their Global Exchange after having raised €43.6 million via their Initial Exchange Offering | EU-Startups
  • Berlin-based game studio Klang raises €20 million to develop its #MMO virtual space colony, #Seed | EU-Startups
  • This German #proptech startup secures €13M, wants to create the first digital ecosystem around housing
  • #Berlin #logistics #startup sennder raises #SeriesC #financing round 70 m US$- FreightWaves 


Germany: BaFin Approves Next Security Token Offering as StartMark Seeks €50 Million



Berlin-based Solarisbank is looking to break even in 2020. The fintech was founded 2016 and increased revenues threefold since – but also losses worth 18 mn Euros – Handelsblatt


Fashion Merger Modomondo and Outfittery

We talked about the merger of #Berlin based curated shopping #startups Modomoto and Outfittery, now Jochen Krisch (Ecommerce Analyst and Blogger at uncovered, that Modomonto shareholders only ended up with 16% of the new company

AmazonFresh, a flop in Germany?

Online Groceries

Data collected on the German online #grocery #store #GetNow appear to show a dire need for money. They raised – undisclosed- amounts in VC round, convertible loans, and loans. Even the majority shareholder will soon be an offshore company on the Isle of man – where the ultimate owners are not disclosed


AmazonFresh, a flop in Germany? DHL surely thinks so and ends delivery for Amazon Fresh, but Fresh only. Normal delivery of packages for Amazon not impacted


Stay ahead of the curve

Digital banks are racking up users, but will they ever make money?

#banking #fintech #unicorn #valuation #tech #technology #startup #mobile #financialservices 


“It has long been suspected that debt markets deal with private companies and public ones differently. … The “private equity discount” or the “public equity premium” is real….”

The High Cost of Being Private


Monzo’s valuation now over €2.2B with the latest €126M funding: 5 digital bank competitors who should be worried now including @n26 via @SiliconCanals 


Global IoT Insurance Market with a CAGR of 65.8% with Latest Trends