TEC4MED works on the next generation smart logistics

This interview is in media cooperation with Frankfurt Forward (https://www.frankfurtforward.com/news/). We talk to Nico Höler (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nico-h%C3%B6ler-7a203283/), one of three founders and CEO of TEC4MED (https://www.tec4med.com/)a MedTech startup from the Rhine-Main Area (Darmstadt). Nico is a returning interview partner, due to our media partnership. If you want to learn more about TEC4MED and their most recent product the NelumBox, scroll down this blog post, we will post the interview from May 2019, where we talked to him for almost 40 minutes.

The idea of NelumBox was born in the Entrepreneur Club of the Technical University Darmstadt. The box is used to transport temperature-sensitive medical products, like drugs. During the interview in May 2019, they forecasted to deliver the NelumBox in July 2019. Many startups learn that “hardware is hard” and so they are now shipping the first final products to the clients. None the less the ambitions of the startup is not gone and they have some new products in the pipeline which will turn them in a service provider for logistics in the medical field and pharma supply chains.

Tune in to learn more.

If you want the next generation of smart logistic products, you should reach out to us
Nico Höler, CEO and Co-Founder TEC4MED


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Here is the career website of TEC4MED https://www.tec4med.com/career/


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This is the video interview from May 2019