Dear listeners,

as you may have noticed we did change some things in our setup. As of January 10th, 2019, our audio files are completely hosted by a third party. Sorry for all the interruptions during the first few days this year. Moving the audio files took some time and then we had to fix some glitches.

The new hosting service is also the way iTunes, Google Podcasts and many more get their feed directly. This is our way to fix problems with our feed from the website. Unfortunately, the website was down several times in 2018 when we spent heavy on marketing. This should not happen anymore.

When we had the new feed we made sure all options to listen to us are up to date and you can also find them in the header of our website here up to the right.

You can keep up to date on social media:

Our video files are only available

You can listen to our audio podcast on multiple sources:

If none of the options above work for you, or you are using an RSS feed reader, you can use the following links: