In this interview, we talk to one of the underdogs, a deep tech startup in the area of energy storage. We talk to Lei Shen, she is the founder of Sax Power GmbH ( The startup is still in a very early stage. None the less they are working on a technology to rival Tesla. Other than current battery manufacturers, who are using active and passive balancing technology in their Lithium-Ion batteries, SAX Power uses a new technology they call rotating balancing. They claim with their technology a longer lifetime of the battery packs with equal weight. The technology has its greatest advantage with an even energy use. They are definitely a startup; we will keep track of.

Sax Power is looking for investors, as well as development partners in the automotive and shipping industry.

“We are very sure our technology is far better than the one of Tesla.” Lei Shen

“We can even solve a problem, Tesla can’t. We can shut down our battery in 0.2 seconds. This reduces the fire risk by a factor of 10.000 during a car crash” Lei Shen

“We are looking for an investor from Germany or the USA”

This interview is part of a series of interviews done at the Aufschwung Messe in Frankfurt, one of the large startup and entrepreneur fairs in Germany, with the backing of multiple sponsors and public institutions. You can learn more about the fair here (German only): and don’t forget the founder of the fair, Burkhard. Burkhard runs one of Germany’s most frequented and renown business blogs, where he introduces his readers to one new business model a day in German, adding up to more than 7.750 in 5.00 days (almost 14 years). Learn more here

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Announcer: Welcome to your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup with news, interviews and live events

Joe: 你們好(Nimen Hao)! No you are not on the wrong program the is still your startup podcast and YouTube blog from Germany I do have a guess here at all throw Messa in the charmer of comers in the middle of Frankfurt you may know where ball and bear are located in Frankfurt its exactly outside of the building and just a view hours left to us is to trading floor what you can still see in the news coverage of the Frankfurt stock exchange but I do have a guess here who is originally from China but works in an awesome startup here in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Area. Hello welcome.

Lei Shen: Hello everyone my name is Lei Shen I come from south Germany I am a member of the development team for energy storage and electric mobility which lease young I run battery packs.

Joe: And that’s cool stuff we might tell that am screwing here Rando with mentoring because you are originally from China, but we don’t want to get into detail because it’s usually embarrassing for me. You are from the company we’ve placed behind you called sax power what you guys actually doing?

Lei Shen: Yeah, us since several years we developing innovate technology for energy storage such as like solar and wind parks and also battery repacks for electric and mobility like electric of vehicles or electrical construction machines and every so which can be driven by electrical battery packs will lease on iron battery.

Joe: So, you guys are an energy storage startup what’s the special thing about you?

Lei Shen: Yes, we use a very special technology which is totally different from the current technology on the market. You know the current technology use passive and active balancing to get balancing of capacity between each serves but ours is Messa very large disadvantage see we are influencing the range and also the lifetime of the battery packs, but we work on very different principle of a new technology we Kazak rotating balancing so, we, our new technology we can increase the lifetime of the battery packs, we can also extend range from the first day.

Joe: That sounds pretty geeky and I do assume it’s awesome stuff which I don’t understand but we talk before and you told me right now you very good in anything that continuously uses the same energy so, basically you are charging solar power of twelve hours and then you using it up for twelve hours.

Lei Shen: Yes, of course, yeah actually we use our technology we able to extend lifetime up to fifty percent in the whole battery pack use for time.

Joe: And I know for example it in mobility is very important the weight of the battery is your battery better here as has well?

Lei Shen: No, we cannot reduce the weight of the battery packs but we can extend lifetime and the range of the battery pack the same battery pack up to fifty percent.

Joe: And we talk before and you told me you’re currently looking for investors well as development partners for the automotive area, right?

Lei Shen: Yes actually we get the breakthrough which is last summer and was in very short time we get attention from several large Chinese state and companies and we are talking with the Chinese’s ship manufacture we share both electrical drive system for them for electrical chip we totally two thousand four hundred kilo what hour that’s a very, very big system and right now we are also dealing with several ventures capitalists and we hope that we can get support from different countries and also different industry sections such like automobile and such like energy industry and also shipment and such or our potential customer.

Joe: I see and when we were talking before you told me you claim your battery is even better than a tech of Tesla?

Lei Shen: Yes of course we are very stress at our technology is far better than the technology from Tesla and we can also solve the problem which Tesla right now cannot serve with our technology we can shut down our system within zero point two million seconds and after shutdown we have only low voltage about three point seven volt that means after shut circuit like a crash and the fire hazard will be reduced with effector of ten thousand

Joe: So, you’re, if you’re but I don’t understand you need little bit more development for the uneven charging time for your battery but basically when you can put it in the car and its working there is a much lower risk when having an accident.

Lei Shen: Yes, of course, we have very low-risk aftershocks circuit and we have also very low risk and salvage works you know after the shutdown of our system we work in we have a very low voltage about three-point seven so voltage so that is also very, very safe service workers.

Joe: And what would you guy are actually looking for, why are you here, what are you looking for?

Lei Shen: Yeah we are looking an investor from Germany or also from America because actually right now we have potential investor from China already and we went to get such like a counterpart from Germany and we also need very strong partners from industry best of some will automotive industry to work to develop the product for electrical vehicle hand in hand

Joe: Well best of luck and everybody would like to learn more go down here in the show notes there is a link to your link and profile has well as to company website and feel free to reach out

Lei Shen: Thank you very much Yuan (元).

Joe: Thank you