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In this interview, we talk to one of the many people behind this year’s Euro Finance Tech, Andreas Scholz ( who is CEO of Euro Finance Group Frankfurt and publisher of the Euro Finance Magazine. Euro Finance Group is the company behind the Euro Finance Tech.

We talk with him about the event and how it fits into Euro Finance Week. Highlights of the speakers are from Google, Facebook, N26, and Ripple. Many regional, national and international startups will be there as well, so will we be in our recording corner.
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Here are some behind the scene pictures:

00:05 Host: Welcome to, your podcast and YouTube blog covering the German startup scene with news, interviews and live events.

00:19 Joe: Hello and welcome everybody. This is Joe from your startup podcasts and YouTube blog from Germany. I’m here today at the DFV group because they are the company behind Euro Finance Tech and I do have Andreas here with me who will explain to us a little bit about it. We are media partners of the euro finance tech and we will be there on November 14th. But before we get started first welcome.

00:45 Andreas: You’re welcome here at Deutscher Fachverlag in Frankfurt. It’s great to see you again here.

00:50 Joe: Completely my pleasure. And can you tell us a little bit about what you did before you actually came here and then what are you doing right now?

01:00 Andreas: I’m now the is CEO of DFV Euro Finance Group, a subsidiary of DFV Media Group here in Frankfurt and I’m also a publisher of the magazine here, of the Euro Finance Magazine. And before I started working for Deutscher Fachverlag here in Frankfurt, I’ve also presenter and reporter for Bloomberg Television here in Frankfurt. I was the bureau chief in Frankfurt for the German language TV, so I joined Bloomberg for more than 10 years here in Frankfurt.

01:32 Joe: That is pretty nice. For everybody who doesn’t know DFV, disclaimer, I didn’t know it before I got in touch with Euro Finance Tech. It’s a very big publishing house that does a lot of very specific business publications like the number one newspaper for everybody concerning food, everything concerning food Lebensmittelzeitung and a lot of stuff like this.

01:55 Andreas: Yeah, we are one of the largest independent B2B communication companies in Europe, so we want to make the business leaders more successful in their businesses. Our people, our readers, they come from more than 11 economic sectors. For instance, one of our strong, very successful brands are Horizon, Lebensmittelzeitung, Textile Wirtschaft and so on. So that’s real economy here in Germany and a DFV Euro Finance Group is a subsidiary of DFV media group, I would call it the Bridge from the real economy to the finance world of finance community. So, we are one of the leading conference organizers here in Frankfurt. There’s a very special focus on finance and banking and we are part of that DFV family.

02:58 Joe: And I do understand it right, that your finance tech, we will soon talk about it, is part of the Euro Finance Week. It’s as the name says it’s a week-long event here in Frankfurt where a lot of international banks, central banks, regulators, everybody shows up.

03:16 Andreas: Yeah, Frankfurt is I would call it, finance happy here in Germany. We have not just the big airport, we have other banks here in Frankfurt and you can see some of these banks here through the window. So that is the financial hub in Germany and us as a leading conference organizer our flagship event is the so-called Frankfurt Europe Finance Week taking place this year for the 21st time. We have not just your finance week in our portfolio, in spring we are organizing the Frankfurt finance summit and in some weeks,  we are in Davos. It’s a world economic forum and we are responsible for some satellite events in Davos. One is called Frankfurt meets Devos and the other event is the euro finance summit in Davos on top of the Weiss flew yacht. So that’s our business, we bring people together, we are organizing conferences like the euro finance week. And Euro Finance week is not just one conference, it’s a whole week with more than 25 different formats, different conferences with different networking activities. And one of these events is the euro finance tech.

04:35 Joe: And now we get to the poodle’s core, yeah, as we say in German, the euro finance tech, so what is it, and can you tell our viewers a little bit about it?

04:47 Andreas: It’s our digi conference, it’s taking place on Wednesday. Each day of that Euro Finance Week has a very special topic. On Monday we invited CEOs, we will be discussing the overall strategies in banking, about the future of banking and so on. We will be discussing potential risks, we are ten years after Lehman, so there are a lot of new risks coming up. On Tuesday we have zero regulation day, on Wednesday we have the Digi day, on Thursday we have the asset management day. So, big on Wednesday, Wednesday is our Digi-tech day, so we have the Euro Finance Tech. Three years ago, the Euro Finance Tech started out as a fin-tech conference, but now it’s more and more a platform to exchange views, to build bridges from these so-called, I would call it the old economy of banking, and the new world of banking. So, we bring the startups of fin-tech together with the Dynos from the banking industry and we want to look forward, we want to screen new business models. We want to discuss the disruption in the financial world. And we expect this year again more than 300 guests in Frankfurt on that Wednesday.

06:04 Joe: And if I go back in my mind you have some very well-known names like people from Google, from Facebook here, as well as somebody from Ripple. Can you tell a little bit about those speakers?

06:17 Andreas: Yeah. Such a conference needs these guys from the gaffer. So, we invited the managing directors here in Germany from Google, from Facebook. We have the CEO of N26, as they say, we are a neon bank, that is a guy who volunteered staff at one of the new kids on the block from the German fin-tech scene. So, we are proud to have these top speakers here in Frankfurt. Our keynote speaker in the afternoon is Marianne Ballantyne. She is the head of banking at Ripple and she will talk about how the blockchain can transform global payments. So, these are real VIPs in the FinTech area and we bring all these guys, these speakers together. It’s a great networking opportunity as well.

07:16 Joe: And there also will be a lot of fin-tech guys around, like startups. They’ll be a media corner, including me, I’ll do life interviews there. Don’t know how many interviews I’ll do. I don’t know my schedule yet but if you are there if you see me just holler at me and maybe we can do an interview. Disclaimer don’t holler at me when I’m in an interview. Can you tell us a little bit more about it? Just a few last words to wrap it up.?

07:45 Andreas: Yeah, we have a startup corner, a fin-tech corner. We invited fin-tech, not just from Frankfurt but also from Berlin. Berlin is a real fin-tech hub in Germany in terms of startup fin-techs. Not just fin-techs, we also invited legal techs, Reck techs, insurtechs, we have a special insure tech panel, and we also invited fin techs from abroad, for instance from Tel Aviv. There is a partnership between Frankfurt in Tel Aviv. So, we want to be more and more international on that Wednesday. And we also invited the chief information officer and the chief digital officer of Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, of Commerce Bank and as I mentioned, we want to bring these guys together.

08:35 Joe: Well, there’s not a lot more for me to say.

08:38 Andreas: There are three reasons to come.

08: 40 Joe: Three reasons?

08: 41 Andreas: Yeah. One, the top speakers, first of all, great topics to discuss and great networking opportunities and not just on the conference but also afterward, we have a great party a great get together with some German beer and some food. We are living in a digital world and the world becomes more and more digital. But the personal interaction, that is my point of view, my opinion, personal interaction is more important than ever. I would say business you can create business by the person so it’s not just digital, it’s also analog and that’s the spirit of your Finance Week and the various special spirit of your finance tech in Frankfurt.

09:30 Joe: Great. Thank you very much.

09:32 Andreas: Thank you very much. And see you in Frankfurt.

09:36 Joe: Yes, for sure.

09:38 Andreas: Thanks.

09:43 Host: That’s all folks. Find more news, streams, events, and interviews at Remember, sharing is caring.