The App of Veracity Protocol can spot counterfeit Czech Crowns with 100% accuracy In this interview, we talk to Marv Shamma (, [...]

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Covr Security Offers Two Factor Authentication for Banks, Credit Cards and Hospital Data   In this interview, we talk to Peter Alexanderson [...]

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Mindzip is like Instagram for Great Ideas

In this interview, Joe talks to Torsten Caspar, CEO, and Founder of MindZip. MindZip is a platform to take notes online, share them in teams and if you wish also share them in the network, much like Instagram for great ideas. They want to become something like Wikipedia for compressed knowledge

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Live Stream Accelerator Frankfurt – 4th Wave Demo Day [Sponsored]

This post includes a description and a video link for the 4th wave demo day for Accelerator Frankfurt. There are 6 startups pitching, most of them looking for venture capital. There is also an in-depth conversation about last years "Business Angel Deal of the Year Finnland", with the Business Angel in charge.

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