VIDEO – EasySend will convert any existing form into a digital process

In this interview, we talk to Meirav - VP of Business Development - EasySend. Easysend is a workflow assistance tool, which helps to digitize formerly manual processes and update information automatically.

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Mindzip is like Instagram for Great Ideas

In this interview, Joe talks to Torsten Caspar, CEO, and Founder of MindZip. MindZip is a platform to take notes online, share them in teams and if you wish also share them in the network, much like Instagram for great ideas. They want to become something like Wikipedia for compressed knowledge

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In Q3 Rhine-Main startups raised more than 20 mn Euros in venture capital, totaling more than 95 m Euros (approx. 110 m US$) for 2018

We hope you do as great as the startups in [...]

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Do you know creditshelf? It is Germany‘s only listed pure play fintech

In this interview, we talk to Dr. Daniel Bartsch, COO, and Co-Founder of Frankfurt-based creditshelf. It is a novelty since it IPOed successfully in Frankfurt in summer 2018 with a volume of 16.5 m Euros and so became (as of October 2018) the first - and for now, only - listed pure-play fintech from Germany to be listed.

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