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This interview is a Labor Day Special.

We talk to Victor Hugo Gomez ( who is the founder of Frankfurt-based fintech BITA ( Victor is originally from Venezuela, but his education and jobs brought him to Frankfurt. He is also an MBA alumnus of WHU ( and Northwestern Kellogg ( Big *high five* to the guys from, where we found the publication of BITAs 1.25 mn VC round (

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BITA is a “deep fintech” so to speak, it allows the calculation of tailored indices. Any investor, asset manager, bank, wealth manager, pension fund or insurance company can pay BITA to calculate indices, which they are putting together (given the data is available). You can learn more about him, the company and ideas in our interview.

We are sorry for the sometimes-blurry video, but we are sure you can get the important information anyways.

During the interview Victor and Joe are talking about:

Asset allocation / Asset selection (

Pension fund (

Financial Index (

DAX – Germany’s leading stock market index (

“Dow Jones” – Dow Jones Industrial Average (

S&P500 (

MSCI Emerging Markets (

ETFs (

Lehman Aggregated Bond Indices / Now Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index (

Commodity Index (

Weather Derivatives (