his time Startuprad.io took some time to investigate for you the “global headquarter” of Spitzberg Partners. But let us first tell the whole story…



It all started with an article in the Berlin Newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost” on October 5th, 2017. One of the journalists wanted to stop by at the local office of the VC company of the former German Secretary of Defense Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, which is called Spitzberg Partners. The company has, according to its website, offices in Berlin, Zagreb, Toronto, Washington D.C. and the HQ in New York City.

It turned out, the Berlin-based Journalist could not find any office location of Spitzberg Partners in Berlin. This is interesting since Mr. zu Guttenberg used his position as “Co-founder and Chairman” of Spitzberg Partners to position himself as a specialist for Digitalization writes Gruenderszene, one of Germany’s leading startup blogs. To some of you, he may also be known as an op-ed contributor for the New York Times. Since no office could be located in Berlin, it calls into question the claimed expertise and extent of his company writes Gruenderszene.

In a statement, following the Gruenderszene request, Mr. Zu Guttenberg emphasized the importance of the New York Office, since “business requests, pitches and most of the communication” are done there.

„Auf Nachfrage von Gründerszene äußert sich zu Guttenberg zur beworbenen Präsenz von Spitzberg Partners in Washington, Toronto und Zagreb und erklärt: Businessanfragen, Pitches und ein Großteil der Kommunikation liefen federführend über das New Yorker Büro.“ Find the whole article here.

So this is one of the riddles, which could not be solved in Berlin alone, so Startuprad.io set out to investigate for you. We requested via email an interview on May 4th in the global headquarter of Spitzberg Partners (according to the website 270 Lafayette Street, New York City). No feedback was received until the publication of this post.

At 270 Lafayette, the person at the reception desk could remember other people asking for the company, but this was “some time ago.” He could neither confirm if they have been there or when they moved out, but Spitzberg Partners is currently not located in the building.

The person at the reception desk searched several lists and the computer. He also made some internal requests, including phone calls and could not find anyone to contact for Spitzberg Partners. Also, the company roster in the building lists no company of the same or similar name.

After leaving to the street again we checked the address if we made a mistake, but Google still lists 270 Lafayette Street.

The company website, on the other hand, was changed and now only states the global headquarter in New York City, New York, USA without any further details.

Therefore more questions have to be asked. We will keep you updated.

Sorry for looking to the side all the time, but the area was completely packed with police, security, and people. The later waiting to shop in a new high-end Supreme store, which was opened that day next door. Some random guy on the street had to show his underwear from this store in one of the takes and I made sure he did stay put.

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