If you are a busy professional – so are we the team of Startuprad.io. We understand that the competition to find the best startups to cooperate with or to invest in is a steady challenge. Here are just a few points on why you should not miss our podcasts:



Startuprad.io has brought you several premiers in the past, including – but not limited to – the startup program of Deutsche Bank, DWINS – which later became famous due to investments of a billionaire business angel and appearing on the German version of Shark Tank. as well Germany’s only listed pure-play fintech, and many others.

Note our annual Fintech Review Germany, where we talked about the regulation PSD2, which enabled this startup program:


We know several investors are also listening and watching. We have gotten the best feedback from Penta, where eight business angels approached the company after our interview. but this is a tradition, dating back to already one of the first interviews from Joern with Productive Mobile. Within 24 hours of posting the interview, a VC fund asked for the contact information of the startup and we gladly connected both.


Talking Penta, they are now included in the “Challenger Banks” crowned by CB Insight. Also, TechCrunch now posts about them e.g. here in 2017, but you would have been more than one year ahead with our first interview with them. Since we recommended them for Startup Bootcamp Fintech (London) we keep track of them and one of the founders gave us exclusive insights on their marathon to raise VC – from a startup founder for startup founders.

You stay ahead of the curve with us, with global exclusive announcements of startups who are seeking Venture Capital. In 2018 alone, we had several startups announcing exclusively their intention including the “Instagram of Music” JAM, Evan Networks, and FRAMEN, just to name a few.

I am sure that you will find many more insights into our program. Feel free to look around and also ask us questions directly, all of our contact details are available here: https://www.startuprad.io/about-us/