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This interview is in media cooperation with Frankfurt Forward ( We talk to Sulfotools (, the Startup of the Month September 2019. In this interview, we talk to Christina Uth, the startup’s founder and Managing Director ( In the interview, we learn how Christina went from studying chemical engineering to her Ph.D. and how they discovered by accident the basis for their startup. Sulfotools invented a new method for the production of peptides, which replaces very toxic components with water. Their method is greener, more sustainable and cheaper, than existing methods. They invented their new method by accident.

We are right now four people, but we are looking for investors to scale our production

Accidents, by the way, have a great tradition to bring humanity forward, like the discovery of penicillin, one of the world’s first antibiotics (

We have developed easily scalable production processes to an industrial scale

Sulfotools is a STEM startup, which revolutionizes the production of peptides (, which are small biomolecules. They are used in cancer therapeutics, anti-aging products, and even food supplements. Commonly peptides are produced in a very toxic process and Sulfotools changes that. Their method replaces very toxic components in the production of peptides with water.

This is the last “startup of the month” interview ☹ since we reached the planned end of the Frankfurt Forward program. We hope that the program will be back soon!

We need laboratory space, so Frankfurt is very attractive for us

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