Talk Show Fintech Review 2018 – Germany

/Talk Show Fintech Review 2018 – Germany

Talk Show Fintech Review 2018 – Germany

Welcome to the 2018 Fintech Review Germany by In the stream you will see:

Here you can find the 2017 fintech review: here is the 2016 interview with DWINS, the company behind Finanz Guru:

Yassin talks about co-branding, for example, Finanz Guru (co-branded with Deutsche Bank, who owns 25% in the startup)

Paolo talks about regulations (referring to the last year).

“The regulatory storm hitting 2018

  • PRIIPs – A regulation, forcing asset managers to disclose more of the content of their products in a more simplified way.
  • GDPR – A regulation on the usage of customer data
  • Mifid II – A regulation on the transparency of investments.
  • PSD2 – A regulation, which forces banks to open up via API to other companies, including fintechs”




Joe refers to the dot-com company

Cost of capital for banks

Wealth Management

Interview with CreditShelf, which is Germany’s only listed pure-play:

As Paolo said, we have been to the Christmas Market and celebrated 10 years of fintech in Frankfurt:

Below you will find all the news we have been discussing, touching fintech in 2018, as well as a transcript.


“It will be really tough to bring Crypto to the masses” Yassin Hankir – at’s 2018 fintech review

“When central banks use the technology behind Crypto to transform fiat money, that will be truly revolutionary” Paolo Siroin – at’s 2018 fintech review

Startup News Germany December

Pan-European Leader: Moneyfarm acquires #Frankfurt-based #roboadvisor vaamo to accelerate growth
#Germany #startup #fintech #investment #investments #startups #tech #frmstartupscene #rheinmainrocks

Study of Comdirect shows, that #Berlin, #Munich and #Frankfurt are the leading #fintech hubs in Germany | heise online

Keep in mind all the international fintechs active in Frankfurt, who want to work with German banks. Also notice, that there is only an access to international capital markets in Frankfurt.

Serious financial situation at Germany’s formerly most valuable #fintech, #Hamburg-based Kreditech. In the last financing round the valuation went from 230 mn Euros down to the 14 mn Euros #VentureCapital just invested reports Gründerszene #Valuation

#Berlin based #fintech RatePay gets 83 mn Euro #VentureCapital as #VentureDebt from NIBC Bank #Berlin #startup #startups #payments

#Berlin based #fintech RatePay gets 83 mn Euro #VentureCapital as #VentureDebt from NIBC Bank #Berlin #startup #startups #payments

IPO: Deutsche Familienversicherung a direct insurance company (think online), which sees itself as an #insurtech just sucessfully IPOed in #Frankfurt, raising more than 50 mn Euros

#Fintech #Insurtech #Startup #Startups #IPO #VentureCapital #RheinMainRocks

The Most Active Investors In Banking Automation – CB Insights Research

#CustomerService #chatbot #bots #CRM #fintech #automation #startup #startups #banking #processautomation #processing #VentureCapital


Startup News Germany November

European early stage technology investment increases four-fold to 3.6 bn Euro in H1 2018 (4.1 bn US$). Investors like fintech and medtech startups. Germany scores No 2 in #Fintech investments with 402.2 mn Euros

Meet The 100 Most Innovative Startups Of Germany In 2018 – Forbes
Frankfurt is present fintech heavy including @ginmon @ClarkGermany and #blockchain #accelerator @iconiqlab

You find the interview with the CEO and founder of Clark Germany here:

Berlin-based incubator Finleap has raised €41.5 million to build more fintech startups

Copycat behaviour is punished faster than ever before

Klarna sues German fintech Sofortpay, which was founded by former employees of Sofortueberweisung. Sofortueberweisung was bought by Klarna | Gründerszene #fintech #payments

And even fintechs are conservative with their growth and risk

#Berlin-based #banking startup Solarisbank can only show 1,9 m Euros in revenue in B2B, where it works with #fintechs. The bank raised 95 m Euros #VentureCapital and invested 24,5 m Euros already to build up the banking platform

The incumbents awake: “Patent Analysis: Top US Banks Prioritize Payments” – CB Insights Research #fintech #banking #payments #patents #strategy


Startup News Germany October

Berlin based fintech Penta raises 7 mn Euros venture capital. The fintech offers its services to German small and medium enterprises

Interview Penta, also noted in “How 60+ Startups Are Disrupting Retail And Commercial Banking Around The World” by CB Insights including n26 and Penta

Our interview with Lav, CEO and Co-Founder of Penta

The twins from #Frankfurt-based #fintech dwins appeared in the German Version of #SharkTank – called Lion’s den. They presented their app to manage your contracts

Deutsche Bank is already a shareholder and interviewed them in the past:

German billionaire and business angel Carsten Maschmeyer is a judge at Germany’s version of #SharkTank. Now he invests 1 million Euros,  a record amount for this TV format in #Frankfurt-based fintech Dwins, which pitched there.


@SocieteGenerale – opens Global Markets Incubator for #fintech #startups, working on capital markets

Startup News Germany Summer 2018 (July, August, September)

This is a first! For the first time in Germany a German fintech listed successfully on a stock exchange!

Frankfurt-based fintech Creditshelf listed successfully at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This is the first IPO of a pure play fintech in Germany. The company raised 16.5 m Euros (almost 20 m US$)

We have an exclusive interview for you! The recording is done. It will be published mid of October.

#Frankfurt-based government-owned bank KfW and Frankfurt-based #FinTech CrowdDesk  start pilot program for municipal crowdfunding

Deutsche Bank Pushes Digital With Second Fintech Deal This Year – Bloomberg Quint

German fintech Wirecard to push Commerzbank out of DAX 30 a comparison portal for financial services is sold for almost 300 mn Euros to M-Dax listed Scout24 group. This is Germany’s 2nd largest #fintech exit after 360T transaction, worth approx 750 mn US$

Hamburg-based fintech Naga group gets a bad wrap from, since their ICO was not for themselves, but for a company, which will provide services to Naga. The money actually went to Naga Development Association Ltd. (NDAL) which is domiziled in Belize

#Hamburg-based #Fintech Deposit Solution raises 100 m US$ Venture Capital, valued at 500 m US$ –

He used to be a Tesla manager, than he lead the German energy startup Sonnen to international successes, now he has his own #fintech #startup CapInside – a network were members can search investment opportunities

German fintech Auxmoney is eyeing an IPO reports Reuters. The credit platform broke even (according to their own statement) in Q4 2017


BBVA and ABN Amro invested almost 57 m Euros #VentureCapital in #Berlin-based Solarisbank. Now they published their annual results and generated only approx 2 mn Euros in revenue. This is for a 225 m Euro postmoney company | Gründerszene calculates the number of customers, which really have their primary bank account with hyped N26. N26 claims 1 m customers, but FZ calculates only 250k – 300k have their primary account with them #Berlin #Fintech

US #insurtech Lemonade sued German competitor WeFox. Now they seem to have an out-of-court settlement. Lemonade will withdraw the lawsuit, as soon as WeFox made changes. Yet the extend and nature of changes remain unclear | Gründerszene

The fintech Deposit Solutions (a platform for fixed deposits) and the comparison portal Check24 cooperate. According to Finanz-Szene, parts of the “investment service” of Check24 is white labeled from DS This is surprising, since Check24 originally wanted to take market share away from fintechs. Now they are cooperating.

orderbird, the #Berlin-based #cashier system #startup stopped expansion – They have generated 9 m Euros revenue and 8.8 m Euros loss according to their 2016/17 balance sheet

Startup News Germany June 2018

We talked to some of the winners of the “Golden Garage”, Germany’s investor side fintech award:

The 10 hottest fintechs in Germany. To the list made it the Frankfurt based insurtech Clark and microsavings app Savedroid, which recently completed it’s ICO –

Finanz-Szene sheds some lights on the Lendico ING transaction, where the bank bought the fintech. According to FZ calculations Rocket Internet burned almost 27 mn Euros with the startup. ING may have made a bargain in the transaction they conclude

ING Ventures invests in Berlin-based fintech FinCompare, as part of a series A financing round

Startup News Germany May 2018

We have two winners of the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in the exclusive video interview, including one which wants to list 2019.

According to calculations by consultancy Oliver Wyman – Fintechs already cut 1,5 bn Euros profits out of the bank business in Germany writes, although 900 mn thereof are from retail banking #fintech #germany #profit #Banking


Startup News Germany April 2018

Fist one was Savedroid, who pretended to be an ICO Scam for 24 hours just to draw attention to their ICO advisory business, which they wanted to launch with this PR stunt. So far we can say it fired back. They have been getting a beating in the national and international press, including CEO Yassin Hankir, who received multiple death threats.

You remember savedroid, Yassin and the ICO from the video interview we had shortly before christmas last year:

Here are some of the links to the national and international press coverage:



We have yet to see a positive coverage of the stunt and I personally wrote Yassin, that I am sure he will get a few less invites to parties this year.

Yassin’s direkt statement:


Germany’s 2nd largest bank Commerzbank holds shares in more fintechs than the other top 10 combined reports the blog Finanzsene this should not suprise anyone. Commerzbank was with its Main Incubator the pioneer of the large german banks to invest in fintechs.


Former CEO of Main incubator Christian Hoppe will be the CEO of the Frankfurt branch of the Silicon Valley Bank, which just announced plans to launch in Frankfurt, Germany

Kreditech, new CEO and one of the top managers leaves

Still no fintech unicorn in Germany and some investors did not like the valuation of N26 or Number26, the Berlin-based fintech. writes about the valuation of N26 of approx. 750 mn US$. It appears the valuation was too high for some investors and they dropped out

#Berlin-based #fintech savendo has brokered fixed deposit to Versobank in Estonia. Now the bank is closed for money laundry and terrorism financing. The money of savendo clients should not be in danger …., is the first German fintech to open a brick and mortar branch reports exclusively


Startup News Germany March 2018

Frankfurt-based #fintech Giroxx raises 900.000 Euro #VentureCapital writes The company offers transfers in foreign currencies.

Frankfurt-based startup Acomodeo, a market place for serviced apartments, raises “mid seven digit” #VentureCapital reports @RMStartups

Meet the Frankfurt-based fintech FastBill, which sees opportunities in the US market and may look for another #VentureCapital round. Learn more here via RMStartups

You may remember that we also talked to savdroid about their ICO? They are under scrutiny for their ICO since one of their advisors was blogging in favour of the ICO but did not disclose the connection. None the less the ICO raised somewhere between 35 and 40mn Euros

Rocket Internet again

Innolend – financed by Rocket Internet – the fintech for financing SMEs is in liquidation. The phone number on the website is already dead writes

Startup News Germany February 2018

Frankfurt-based online bank INGDiba (German arm of ING) buys Rocket Internet’s P2P SME lending platform Lendico writes exclusively. This is the first fintech acquisiton of a large Germany based bank

Deutsche Startups has a more critical view of this – They quote ARD – ING only buys software it does not have and is not taking on the risk of its own software development. Lendico on the other hand never took off. What is your take?


Startup News Germany January 2018

German fintech startups raised  716 mn Euros in 2017 reports FINANCE

#German #fintech #wunderkind Naga buys shares in #Frankfurt based easyfolio writes Naga will own 25% with an option of up to 49%, buying shares from current owner, Frankfurt based bank Hauck & Aufhäuser

Kreditech, with an assumed valuation of 300+ mn Euros, Germany’s most valuable fintech is not doing well reports Gruenderszene. According to press reports they collected the startup generated losses of 114 mn Euros in just 24 months. Also the CFO is about to leave. Gruenderszene writes that the revenue growth is pretty small compared to the invested sums they deduce from the losses We will keep an eye on the fintech for you guys

Berlin-based FinTech startup Penta accuses TransferWise to have stolen its debit card branding writes EU Startups

Learn more about Get Penta here on our interview:

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