In this interview, we follow up the world premiere of the antelope suite. The company behind it is called Wearable Life Sciences, which we had in May 2015 in our podcast.

Antilope Suite in Action © Wearable Life Sciences

The startup is located near Frankfurt and offers electrostimulation of muscles as a mobile suite to enhance the training of professional and semi-professional athletes. We talk to Philipp G. Schwarz, a serial entrepreneur (he founded the worlds first online-only car dealership), who is co-founder and CEO of WLS, the company behind the Antelope suite.

Philipp from WLS

Philipp © Wearable Life Sciences

We originally intended to make an interview, but the video file was corrupted and so we only have the audio file for you. We hope you don’t mind all the surrounding noises, but we worked hard to already eliminate a lot of them.

We briefly touched the German Accelerator Program, you can find the interviews from the event here: