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In this interview, Joe is talking to Friedrich “Freddy” Zwanzger (, Chief Data Officer of Mainz-based blockchain startup Anyblock Analytics ( ,

During this interview, we learn how Freddy discovered Blockchain back in 2015. We also talk about how Anyblock works. They are indexing blockchains and once the blockchain is on their index, one can analyze it and track activities.

Tune in to learn more.

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As opposed to the usual Youtuber or Podcaster in the Blockchain space you don’t pay thousands of Euros to be here. AND neither am I invested in you guys. I am also getting NO kickback.

For everyone who is surprised about that, many channels work like this. Just pay attention to the people in Telegram Chats who ask for admin emails and “business proposals” they usually sent an offer with a price tag of several thousands of Euros, sometimes upwards of 50.000 Euros, just to be on their channel. Oh, and before I forget: They usually only want cash, they don’t take crypto.

Make sure you vet your main blockchain information source before you fall into those traps.


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Further Reading

During the interview Freddy and Joe are talking about:

The city of Mainz:

Smart contracts:

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Find the video interview here (scroll down to the bottom of the Blogpost):