You are listening to the audio track of a video interview conducted via Google Hangouts. Again the screw-up fairy was visiting us with CASHLINK, the last few minutes of the interviews did not get recorded by the server.
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In this interview, we are talking with Michael Duttlinger, who is Co-Founder and CEO of CASHLINK. CASHLINK is a tokenization platform for startups, where they can tokenize phantom shares.
You can learn more about the technical aspects and what CASHLINK does in our audio-only podcast here:
 They are one of the rare startups working on digitizing Venture Captial. This appears to be a new trend, sometimes called VentureTech
Due to the recent interview with CASHLINK, we focus more a bit on the German VC scene, rather than the startup itself. You can learn a lot about the functioning of the German VC market during this interview.
During the interview we are talking about:
• or go directly to the Medium Blog:
• Handelsregister (Germany’s company register):
In a startup with three founders, one is only focused on raising venture capital.
We want to reduce the time a founder spends on raising venture capital.
We thought: Venture capital can be more flexible and easier.
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