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In this interview, we continue our interview series from Aufschwung-Messe in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange building. In this 5th interview, we are talking to Jonas Kremer (, CEO and Founder of CitKar ( The citkar is a heavy-duty e-bike, which you can assist by peddling and the impulse will be transferred.

CitKar is already the delivery vehicle of Zalando within Berlin. At the time of the recording, Jonas was just 24 years old. Keep track of him, he may be one of the successful entrepreneurs.
Currently, CitKar can produce 1.000 Loadsters, but they are looking for Venture Capital investors to expand their capacity.

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This interview is part of a series of interviews done at the Aufschwung Messe in Frankfurt, one of the large startup and entrepreneur fairs in Germany, with the backing of multiple sponsors and public institutions. You can learn more about the fair here (German only): and don’t forget the founder of the fair, Burkhard. Burkhard runs one of Germany’s most frequented and renown business blogs, where he introduces his readers to one new business model a day in German, adding up to more than 7.750 in 5.00 days (almost 14 years). Learn more here

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