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In this interview, we talk to Beatrix v. Winterfeldt-Heuser, co-founder of My-Fashionary, management consultant and mother of two. is a fashion platform where you can find independent designers, who design premium fashion you won’t find anywhere on the high street. Since the designers and the brands are not known yet they decided to combine online and offline fashion. For example, did they have a pop-up store in Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse at the beginning of 2018.

My-Fashionary just did a pivot. Before they have been a platform for high-end fashion boutiques, which did not work. They even worked with external developers and had to throw everything into the bin at for a re-launch. Now you can buy high-end fashion form the designers directly via their platform, cutting out the middle (wo)men and enable unknown designers to build up a customer base. They now work with a unique way of social selling they developed.

“People get bored by the always similar high street shopping experience. It is always the same whether you are in London, Singapore, Berlin or Frankfurt”

“If you don’t know it will work, work with bootstrapped stuff, that already exists”

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