The Interview

In this interview, we talk to an international entrepreneur, of which we try to bring you approx. 30% of our content. This time we have the pleasure to interview a member of “Forbes Asia 30 Under 30” Lucy Yueting Liu (, co-founder of Hongkong-based fintech unicorn Airwallex ( Airwallex is simplifying international payments for companies.


Valuation is the result of what you did well. It is not really a milestone itself. Valuation means nothing if there is no growth” Lucy Liu, Co-Founder fintech unicorn Airwallex


During the interview, Joe and Lucy talk about her past as an investment consultant and intern at banks. She jumped pretty young into the startup world. The idea of Airwallex is to offer a cheaper better and more convenient alternative to SWIFT, which was invented in the 70s (see details below).

“The average time a CEO of a startup stays as CEO is 3 years.  Many people cannot grow in a way that helps their business” Lucy Liu, Co-Founder fintech unicorn Airwallex


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