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TEC4MED is producing the Nelum Box, for all kind of medications, which require cooling or heating. During the interview, Nico Hoeler  – Managing Director TEC4MED ( tells us how his “side project” turned into a full-time job as co-founder of a medtech startup, now with 13 people. The idea was developed, while one of the founders had a job to transport doping samples for a global sports event.

We talk with Nico about the regulations and certifications you need to produce a medical product. We also talk about their market entrance in the United States. They build in only 6 months a quality management system for medical products for their certification in the US.

During the interview Nico tells us their approach, how they tested the market fit in Japan and the US, without any coding, to keep it as cheap as possible.




Idea seen at Entrepreneurs Club Darmstadt