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In this interview, we talk to one of the underdogs, a deep tech startup in the area of energy storage. We talk to Lei Shen, she is the founder of Sax Power GmbH ( The startup is still in a very early stage. None the less they are working on a technology to rival Tesla. Other than current battery manufacturers, who are using active and passive balancing technology in their Lithium-Ion batteries, SAX Power uses a new technology they call rotating balancing. They claim with their technology a longer lifetime of the battery packs with equal weight. The technology has its greatest advantage with an even energy use. They are definitely a startup; we will keep track of.

Sax Power is looking for investors, as well as development partners in the automotive and shipping industry.

“We are very sure our technology is far better than the one of Tesla.” Lei Shen

“We can even solve a problem, Tesla can’t. We can shut down our battery in 0.2 seconds. This reduces the fire risk by a factor of 10.000 during a car crash” Lei Shen

“We are looking for an investor from Germany or the USA” Lei Shen

This interview is part of a series of interviews done at the Aufschwung Messe in Frankfurt, one of the large startup and entrepreneur fairs in Germany, with the backing of multiple sponsors and public institutions. You can learn more about the fair here (German only): and don’t forget the founder of the fair, Burkhard. Burkhard runs one of Germany’s most frequented and renown business blogs, where he introduces his readers to one new business model a day in German, adding up to more than 7.750 in 5.00 days (almost 14 years). Learn more here

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