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Frankfurt as a location is good from an international recruiting standpoint, since Frankfurt has a really really great reputation.

VC Funding

In this interview, Joe from is talking to Florian Brokamp (, CEO of Thinksurance (, a Frankfurt-based insurtech startup. The fintech just raised 13 mn venture capital ( so took the opportunity and stop by on short notice to ask one of the founders what they will do with all the money.

Startup is not about the events, it is not about “raising big”… its more important to believe in yourself, be happy and create your vision.


First some information on the startup: Thinksurance is the leading commercial insurance distribution platform in Germany. Its technology connects insurers, distributors from all sales channels and business customers on its intelligent analytics and distribution platform. The company was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, first entered the market in 2016 under the brand “Gewerbeversicherung24” and was rebranded in 2019. By now, the insurtech has almost 50 employees and is led by its two founders Florian Brokamp and Christopher Leifeld as well as Vasil Vasilev and Timm Weitzel.

The insurtech is looking to increase headcount considerably and expand to other countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands. As second priority they are looking to the USA and Asia.

Tune in the interview to learn more.

We would hope that in Germany in general and Frankfurt in specific there would be more support from the Government …

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