This is the audio track of a video startup interview by You find the whole interview here:


In this interview, we introduce you to the Startup of the Month January – Field Buzz – by Frankfurt Forward, as part of our media cooperation with this initiative.

Meet Alexis, who is half British, half French, but still, love to live in Frankfurt. He is the co-founder of the app Field Buzz, together with Habib Ullah Bahar. Field Buzz enables field staff to get better connected to their HQ and much faster information flow. The software (dashboard with web login) and app (for field staff) is used by the likes of United Nations Development Program, Welthungerhilfe, US NGO PSI and BRAC.

The company has two headquarters, one in Bangladesh and one in the Social Impact Lab in Frankfurt, where we did the recording.

During the interview, Alexis is referring to the GIZ (formerly GTZ where Joern was an intern in China) the operational company for international cooperation and development aid from Germany, as well as the bank, backing some of those projects KfW. GIZ is headquartered just outside of Frankfurt and KfW actually has a large presence across many buildings in Frankfurt.

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