In this interview, we talk with a constant of the Frankfurt fintech scene, Dr. Yassin Hankir (LinkedIn). Yassin is already known in Frankfurt from his last startup, as one of the co-founders of one of Germany’s first Robo-advisors, called vaamo. Currently, he is one of the hosts of  „Fintech Meetup in and around Frankfurt“ and he is in our interview since he is the founder of the micro savings fintech savedroid (here you can find the IOS App, Android App, and the CrunchBase profile).

Our listeners from the German channel know him because he is a regular guest in our annual fintech reviews (all in German 2014, 2015 and 2016). Savedroid is currently headquartered in the Fintech Hub of Deutschen Börse in Frankfurt.

During the interview, we talk about his current fintech savedroid, which aims to raise a Series-A VC round towards the end of the year. In the conversation we touch: